Christopher Coles Heads To Rehab

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After serving a short jail stint for failing a drug test, Christopher Coles pleaded guilty Tuesday to selling marijuana to an undercover police officer. He will now begin the rehabilitation program originally offered to him in early November. According to the AP, Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Ellen Coin warned Coles, “Most of the people you are going to encounter there [in rehab] are not going to be college kids. This is not a fraternity.”

If Coles—who, unlike his fellow Operation Ivy League defendants, was actually not part of a Columbia fraternity when arrested last year—makes it through the year-long program, he’ll be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea and the case will be dismissed.

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  1. Judge Dredd

    "Mr. Coles, let me tell you - this will not be anything like the IRC. It would more aptly be described as similar to attending a sustained meeting of the Korea Campus Crusade for Christ."

  2. Anonymous

    He failed a drug test in rehab. He is lucky he has a good lawyer.

  3. Charlie

    Oh the rehab option, I would have gone with that if I was his attorney. Although really, I specialize in Bird Law so...

  4. Weed ruins lives  

    Er, I mean judges. Judges and the drug war ruin lives.

    • Anonymous

      Why judges? In this case, the judge wasn't acting in a way that's ruining his life. In fact it's the opposite. This is the way drugs should be fought, by sending people to rehab.

      Maybe, take a step out of your comfort zone if you want to fight a political battle like this.

      • Anonymous  

        Uh, Operation Ivy League was a publicity stunt that destroyed lives. You'll forgive me if I don't go ahead and exhaustively list every reason why in a blog comment. As per Christopher Coles at the time, now exiled from the school he deserved to attend; "this whole thing has been exaggerated. It's been blown up to the umpteenth."

        Take a step out of my comfort zone? You sound self-righteous but what you said doesn't mean anything.

  5. Anonymous

    They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, "No, no, no"

  6. should've called

    barry. he's really good!

  7. Anonymous

    If you tested every Columbia kid for illegal drugs, including study drugs, around 50% would test positive. So why does bwog continue to cover operation ivy league's exploits? This isn't US Weekly. Let these people move on in peace and stop using them as objects for stories. Be a real news source, not gossip. Your coverage is now based on salaciousness, rather than seeking out real news, i.e. manhattanville or president bollinger's questionable financial relationships. Your (former) classmates should not suffer anymore, and your continuing coverage of negative press shows no respect for your peers. It could have been you or one of your friends. Karma wise, this publication is doomed without real reform, and quickly.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, some of us care a lot about this for various reasons, and it would be a gross oversight if Bwog DIDN'T include it. Nothing about this post was salacious, either. It's rather succinct.

  8. Van Owen

    I feel so high,
    I even touch the sky
    Above the fallin' rain!
    I feel so good in my neighborhood,
    So: here I come again!

    I've got to have kaya now (kaya, kaya),
    Got to have kaya now (kaya, kaya)
    I've got to have kaya now (kaya, kaya),
    For the rain is fallin'!

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