Smeagol’s on CTV, Again

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A match made in heaven.


This isn’t the first time CTV has looped Frodo’s horrified face, and we pray it won’t be the last. Tune in to Columbia cable channel 77 to watch the DVD menu of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Do they only have one out of the trilogy? Shoulda got the boxed set, bro.

Update: Turns out this is CU Events Television, not CTV (which is channel 37). In fact, sources inside CTV tell us that they’re not even broadcasting right now because their server is broken. Our bad.

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  1. re:tagz  

    zzzzz fotr>tt>rotk. helm's deep was fuckin epic.

  2. market researcher  

    but he's pretty. girls like pretty.

  3. market researcher  

    that was in reply to Orlando Bloom comment. [5]

  4. Anonymous  

    Why does CTV get a budget?

  5. CTV is not  

    on channel 77. It's definitely channel 37. Maybe the real question is: Why does Bwog get a budget?

  6. Yeah bro...  

    Channel 77 is the CU Events Channel. CTV is in fact on 37 ---> http://www.columbia.edu/acis/telecom/students/channellist.html

    Get yo shit straight Bwog.

  7. Anonymous  

    Completely serious question: I know everyone jokes about no one reading the spec, but does ANYONE actually watch CTV?

  8. Anonymous  

    I love the alcohol in this picture

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