Drinking With Bwog: Bahama Mama

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The return of classes does have a silver lining: the return of weekends!  Every Thursday your lovely pals at the Columbia Bartending Agency provide you with new ways to forget everything you learned during the week.  This week, Matt Kalish transports you to a better place.

Binge drinking is so much classier in B&W

As the new semester rolls in along with the cold weather we forgot about after Halloween, it helps to imagine a warmer, more peaceful place. Picture yourself somewhere on a beach, without homework, class registration waiting lists, or stress. Here’s a drink to get you there:

Bahama Mama

1/2 oz Rum
1/2 oz Malibu
1/2 oz Grenadine
1 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Pineapple Juice

Either serve over ice or blend all the ingredients together. Disclaimer: after consuming, you may have the urge to break out your shorts and flip flops. While we at the CBA support all such urges, we do recommend that you stay indoors.

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  1. This seems  

    Nice. Thank you, Matt Kalish.

  2. Anonymous

    "Binge drinking is so much classier in B&W"

    B&W can mean Blue and White (like the magazine) or black and white (like the picture)


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