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For those of you who have yet to open a window, it’s pretty darn snowy out. Bwog is excitedly lacing up our snowboots to go sledding in Riverside, but before we do, we have a winner to announce for our snow-pic snapping contest. The competition was fierce, but congratulations to tipster Lila Neiswanger, who sent in this fun double-picture creation at 2:59 am. As promised, Bwog will be contacting you soon for the beer you so rightly deserve!


The snowflakes in the right picture don't look so unique to us

Runner up

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  1. Anonymous  

    fuck yeah!! Lila is the best!!

  2. Wines > Spirits > Lagers > Ales  


  3. Anonymous  

    Bwog, thank you for not allowing someone who "Instagrammed" a picture to win the contest. #notrealphotography

  4. Anonymous

    look closely at the pattern of blurring, it's not (just) instagrammed.

  5. ...  

    so you received exactly two pictures?

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