Coming soon to a Starbucks near you?

Remember when puppies came to Columbia? So does Bwog. Some of Columbia’s more unorthodox study break tactics—including the biannual Primal Scream and therapy dogs bringing furry comfort—were chronicled in a spot on various schools’ stress relief methods. (NYT)

In more somber news, be careful with the late-night antics when there’s a 13-minute wait at the subway station: there have been a startling number of subway-related deaths in the past few days; most notably on the L train. Please remember to stay behind the yellow line, guys. (WSJ)

Times when you wish you went to school in Georgia: select Starbucks locations in Atlanta and California plan to add wine and beer to their menus this year so people can “unwind and connect.” Next expansion, 114th street location? We do deserve it, based on the rise of Starbucks prices in Manhattan. (Reuters, NYT)

Maybe John Jay’s festive decorations yesterday were on to something: recognition of the Lunar New Year is being fought for in New York in order to make the day an official holiday, citing the 15% of Asian American students in the city’s schools. Now all New York students can come to John Jay brunch to celebrate!  (Gothamist)

And finally, the 2012 Oscar nominations are being released at 5:38:30 AM Pacific Time. That’s…right now! Time to go find the synopsis for The Artist. (LA Times)

Wine snobs everywhere via Wikimedia Commons