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Primal Scream Tonight

“Bwog, what’s happening?” “Bwog, I think someone is getting murdered outside my window?” “Bwog, someone in Butler is SCREAMING!!!!” These are all tips we will probably get tonight. Why? Primal Scream is tonight at midnight. For about 5 minutes, things are going to get loud. And primal. Because tomorrow is Monday and we all have […]

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Primal Scream Your Heart Out

Last night y’all screamed for Primal Scream, one of the few traditions we keep up here at this fine university, along with losing our minds during finals seasons, writing weirdly aggressive passive aggressive notes, and misplacing brownstones. This year, the Class of 2014 attempted a new tradition, with about 30 seniors gathering at Alma to […]

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Primal Scream for Noobs

If all you wanna do is scream, here’s how to do it. Reposted for your auditory pleasure, the extra-comprehensive guide on letting it loose. Finals got you down? Then you can verbally vent your frustrations by participating in the Primal Scream. The guide for noobs: If your clock or watch is not auto-synced to the […]

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Bwoglines: Don’t Lose Your Head Edition

Remember when puppies came to Columbia? So does Bwog. Some of Columbia’s more unorthodox study break tactics—including the biannual Primal Scream and therapy dogs bringing furry comfort—were chronicled in a spot on various schools’ stress relief methods. (NYT) In more somber news, be careful with the late-night antics when there’s a 13-minute wait at the […]

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