CANNED BEER: check out this history of the official container of real college’s official drink. (The Daily)

Sliced bread

This stuff is pretty great too

VINTAGE CHAMPAGNE AND SKYLINE VIEWS: Bwog knows it’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day plans (or to start repressing these same thoughts), so why not a private dinner and rooftop pool swim at the Peninsula for $1500? Gothamist recommends White Castle for “real players,” but Columbians can always do one better. (Gothamist)

POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM: a new Mitt ad makes Tom Brokaw uncomfortable, and he’s not ok with that. (Gawker)

FACEBOOK: neurotic New Yorkers share real life “defriending” strategies. Digital rejection is always easier to palate than the real thing, as these high school seniors will tell you after Vassar accidentally accepted them before rejecting them an hour later. (NYT)

SWITZERLAND: live from Davos at the World Economic Forum, the blog of econ department luminary Joseph Stiglitz’s wife, Anya Schriffin. Protip: wait till Zurich for a “decent cup of hot chocolate.” (Reuters)

Sliced bread via Wikimedia Commons.