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Lions and Facebook and Froshbears, Oh My!

Last week, we posted some salacious screenshots of the Columbia Class of 2016 Facebook page. This morning we received the following in an email tip from a prefroshbear reader (props!):

So I saw the post about the Columbia Class of 2016 facebook page. It was pretty funny, but those posts have nothing on the stuff people have been posting on the Barnard Class of 2016 page.

She was right.

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  • BC '16 says:

    @BC '16 Am I the only 2016-er who find these hilarious? So what if we talk about dresses and boys (I agree, though, the stuff about the boyfriends is wayyy too mushy for me)? We’re high school girls. Personally, I’m glad everyone’s not a supernerd; that wouldn’t make for a great campus community.

    And why are we feeling offended? They did the same thing to CC, just made fun of different things.

  • Bitch, says:

    @Bitch, I AM AYN RAND

  • BC '13 says:

    @BC '13 Hey BC ’16-ers that are definitely reading this right now,

    You are probably all lovely people. I am happy for your enthusiasm and I hope it doesn’t get squashed by Bwog commenters. You will get to school and realize that none of this matters, and the only people who even bring up the Barnard/Columbia thing are on the internet. I am currently living with two Columbia boys and one Barnard girl, and I have friends from both sides of the street. I can’t even remember the last time anyone brought this up, and come to think of it I don’t even know which college half of the people I hang out with go to. None of this, and I mean NONE of this will matter when you’re here. You will connect with the Barnard community on a small scale and the Columbia community at large.

    That said, saying “Yeah, I visited Columbia and didn’t really like it – Barnard is so much better!!!” is bad form. If a Columbia student turned to you and said, “Oh yeah, I visited Barnard, but it seemed to girly and coddling for me. CC’s the way to go!” – that wouldn’t be a very nice thing to say. For some reason, it becomes okay the other way around. For my part, I found Barnard almost by accident while touring Columbia and absolutely fell in love. No lack of love to CC as an institution, I just found my place here – I applied ED and have never regretted it. Instead of saying why it’s better than Columbia, why not appreciate it for all it has – awesome university-wide Gender Studies, Urban Studies, Dance, Education, and Theatre departments, wonderful advising, a small community within a big city, incredible professors, small class sizes, and an intellectual community both within the college and the university at large.

    I am so glad that you are bonding over dresses, shoes, and boyfriends. For my part, I would have been really turned off by that kind of talk. I’m not a girly girl at all, and I hope that (as some have said) the majority of the conversations are not thus. For those of you ’16-ers who love that sort of thing, that’s great! You’ll find your place. For those who hate it, that’s great! You’ll find your place. For those in between – that’s great! – because a group of 600 girls cannot be defined by one personality type.

    Get excited – you are coming to an INCREDIBLE college full of joyful, motivated, and fantastic women who want to help you succeed. Furthermore, you are coming to a FANTASTIC university with a community that, despite what any jaded Bwog comment says, is unified and generally awesome to be a part of.

    I hope to see you next year — have fun for the rest of high school!

    -BC ’13

  • OH LAWDZ says:

    @OH LAWDZ Sure is mad in here. Lots o’ 16-ers getting indignant!

    – CC ’12

  • you suck! says:

    @you suck! suck!!! you aaaaaaaalllll suck!!

  • Please says:

    @Please try using the word “woman” instead of “girl.” Language is powerful because it can shape the way we conceptualize and behave. Just try it, a few times, eh?

    1. shut up says:

      @shut up SHUT UP

  • A former Bwog reader says:

    @A former Bwog reader I don’t know whether to address the hypocrisy of Bwog or the annoying nature of these posts first. It has become evident to me that Bwog likes to surrender all responsibility for setting the tone of this community. By saying that the CC ’16 posts have nothing on the BC ’16 posts and intentionally framing these posts as worse, Bwog only perpetuates the already divisive and competitive atmosphere of Columbia. This has happened time and time again, typically over Barnard related posts (I’m thinking of the prefosh fashion post from awhile back, when Bwog actually apologized to the featured students, saying that the commenters who tore up their senses of style were not representative of the Columbia community as a whole). Ultimately, what disappoints me the most is that Bwog prides itself as this representative figure of this university, but continually rags on specific groups within the community to make dumb jokes. Shame on you, dudes.

    1. "former" says:

      @"former" you’ll be back…

    2. So says:

      @So It seemed clear that the person who said that that the posts have nothing on the Columbia posts was the Barnard student who was submitting the screenshots in the first place. Bwog consistently posts funny things, regardless of who they concern. If they were to post things mocking the Columbia ’16 Facebook group, but not the BC ’16 Facebook group, would that be preferable? All that would be doing is saying that Barnard is not enough a member of the CU community to merit the same degree of humorous scrutiny as everyone else. True equality is when you’re enough a part of a community that there can be equal lighthearted mockery. It seems like it’s only a self-imposed sense of inferiority that is leading to this deep outrage at a Barnard-student submitted post.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous you guys cannot seriously tell me that you NEVER talk about boys (or girls) or clothing or other random topics with your friends?
    you all talk about karl marx and quantum physics 24/7?
    please dont tell me that i picked columbia/barnard (DOES NOT MATTER) to make friends with people like all the assholes who commented here?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous don’t worry little prefrosh, you’ll soon learn that bwog commenters are not representative of the community at large.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Y u so mad tho?

  • le sigh says:

    @le sigh I dont get it. There’s nothing wrong with these posts. I could definitely see a lot of Columbia girls saying the same things…? The cute dress post, the “what to get my bf” post, even the story post (replace Barnard with Columbia, etc…clearly the story post was in jest).
    This is just Bwog tryna start trouble, AGAIN.
    Seriously, BC. You should know by now that Bwog hates Barnard and shits on it (very subtly) whenever possible. Just don’t let it get to you.

    -barnard senior who remembers when bwog used to have decent posts, not this bs

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous >le sigh

      fuck of reddit

    2. True Equality Is... says:

      @True Equality Is... The thing though is that Columbia girls didn’t say these things (as far as I know) on the Columbia 2016 page thus far. When embarrassing trends of note happened on the 2015 Facebook page, they were mocked on both Bwog and Spectrum, often in a much harsher way than has been done here. (See:, where direct quotes are used to label anonymous students the “Aggressive, Creepy Book Pusher”, etc.) This wasn’t Bwog trying to start trouble; Bwog is a humor blog that comments on funny trends–this is a funny trend. When people get highly offended, it’s because they are taking things that, if taken from the Columbia Facebook page, would be a humorous commentary about the banality of prefrosh, and because it is in the context of Barnard get automatically offended in a way that implies a self-perpetuated inferiority.

      Secondly, to all of the Barnard women who are getting all up in arms about how this internet environment is not welcoming–from what I’ve seen of the Barnard 2016 Facebook page, I would not feel welcome. Situations where people label stuff as “just girls bonding” in a forum where I’m supposed to be meeting new classmates appears to be awkwardly heteronormative and thus at least slightly alienating to some.

    3. What equality looks like... says:

      @What equality looks like... The thing though is that Columbia girls didn’t say these things (as far as I know) on the Columbia 2016 page thus far. When embarrassing trends of note happened on the 2015 Facebook page, they were mocked on both Bwog and Spectrum, often in a much harsher way than has been done here. (See:, where direct quotes are used to label anonymous students the “Aggressive, Creepy Book Pusher”, etc.) This wasn’t Bwog trying to start trouble; Bwog is a humor blog that comments on funny trends–this is a funny trend. When people get highly offended, it’s because they are taking things that, if taken from the Columbia Facebook page, would be a humorous commentary about the banality of prefrosh, and because it is in the context of Barnard get automatically offended in a way that implies a self-perpetuated inferiority.

      Secondly, to all of the Barnard women who are getting all up in arms about how this internet environment is not welcoming–from what I’ve seen of the Barnard 2016 Facebook page, I would not feel welcome. Situations where people label stuff as “just girls bonding” in a forum where I’m supposed to be meeting new classmates appears to be awkwardly heteronormative and thus at least slightly alienating to some.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous As a 16’er, I initially thought that this post was hilarious. It made me realize the frivolous nature of many of the posts in the group, but in a funny, light-hearted way. The Bwog’ers did a good job.
    But all of you stuffy-upperclassmen that have been commenting have given yourselves rather unfriendly and unlikable reputations. This is no way to welcome new people into your community. Shouldn’t you all be attending to your intellectual lives instead of laughing at ours anyways?
    If you’re so intent on freshmen-bashing, save the hazing for move-in day. For now, let us be excited to come experience all that you have in your years at Columbia/Barnard.

    1. CC '13 says:

      @CC '13 “This is no way to welcome new people into our community”??? After reading those facebook posts, the FUCK I want to welcome ANY of you to the community. Stop feeling so entitled.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Lucky for us, our entrance into the community isn’t contingent upon your petty preference.

      2. Gretchen Weiners says:

        @Gretchen Weiners YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US. shut the fuck up and put your camo pants back on.

  • hahahahahaha says:

    @hahahahahaha the last one is pure gold

  • Anon says:

    @Anon This is worse than anything posted from the BC ’16 Facebook page.

  • letthebutthurtflow.jpeg says:

    @letthebutthurtflow.jpeg This thread is almost as good as the one about that 1%er suite. Keep ’em coming bwog!

  • Another BC '16 says:

    @Another BC '16 C’mon ladies (and gents). Have a sense of humor and chill the freak out…geez.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous OK, I just read the posts that you are all complaining about/making fun of ect.

    They are beautiful posts. The girls sound really supportive of each other. There is nothing wrong here.

    What is wrong, is the reaction that all the Columbia/Barnard students are having to these innocent, youthful posts. I am particularly disturbed by the students who think they should only talk about intellectual and “important” matters. What is wrong with talking about boys, dating and clothes? You should be confident enough with yourself that you can have light conversation.

    1. Yay! says:

      @Yay! Everyone should talk more about boys/girls/fashion/soccer/video games/dating (yay for those who have anything to talk about here)/unicorns/films/magazines/normal, banal-type stuff that doesn’t require any knowledge of what’s hip so that you can either get with it or meticulously avoid it, based on your personal hipster-ness.

      Man, so many of these posts are great examples of the sort of super-intellectual self-policing that makes Columbias war on fun so successful. Wherever fun crops up, one of our fellow superstudents is sure to crack down on it by telling us how much they love talking about string theory and postmodern critiques of Ayn Rand for breakfast. Woohoo indeed..

    2. Anon says:

      @Anon Seriously, there was nothing atypical about these posts. Newsflash: people like to talk about their sex lives and clothes once in awhile. The social life at Columbia would be drastically improved if everyone could learn to lighten the fuck up once in awhile and learn to begin a conversation unrelated to the Core.

      1. better yet says:

        @better yet combine sex life and Core

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Doubt you talked about all that while you were in highschool….

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous You all were soon-to-be-college-freshmen once too! Take it easy.

  • But seriously, you guys... says:

    @But seriously, you guys... These are fucking hilarious!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Aren’t you all a bit douche tonight. Stay classy.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous These girls aren’t being lame because they are Barnard girls, they are just being a little lame because they are in high school and probably a bit nerdy/awkward/don’t really have their footing in real life yet. Now they are reading all the snark here, which is unfortunate, because they might come to New York thinking the only way to fit in is to be sarcastic and mean. Then they will become jaded New Yorkers before they even have time to enjoy themselves. I’m glad when I came here I didn’t bother with any facebook groups or bwog and just waited until I got here to meet my friends.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Stereotypes and massive generalizations are part and parcel of human activity. By actively perpetuating or even believing that one conglomerate of people will all share the same traits is dumb, and if you go to such an esteemed school like Barnard, you would realize that. Getting into a school says nothing about your intelligence, if we are going to speak in generalizations. How many columbia college students are recruited athletes? Or legacies? I know a lot of dumb students at both Barnard and Columbia. A student’s acceptance to a university or college is based on several factors, and not always on academics. I am happy to be a Barnard student and have never felt dumb or incompetent in the many columbia classes in which I have enrolled. And to all of you CC girls who laugh at the feminist antics of SOME of Barnards GENERAL student body, what makes you think that seixsm will not negatively effect your post graduate life? That columbia degree won’t do anything more than my barnard degree in changing unrightful, ignorant minds from seeing you as a personless statistic in a stereotyped, superficial category

    I’d continue but I gotta go braid my armpit hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Seriously, guys? It’s not even midterm season yet.

  • A girl in SEAS says:

    @A girl in SEAS The poll about majors is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me omg. Gender studies, art history, psychology…. hahahahhahahaha. Seriously, Barnard girlies, by freaking out about this so much you’re just reaffirming the truth to it.

    Oh, and BTW, when I’m with my “girl friends” I do not talk about dresses and whether or not to fulfill my boyfriend’s sexual fantasies. We talk about Ayn Rand’s philosophies (bitch is the shit), what existed pre-big bang, and the fact that I destroyed Skyward Sword this winter break.

    1. my girlfriends and i says:

      @my girlfriends and i talk about all of those things.

    2. BC '14 says:

      @BC '14 Solid points, SEAS lady. But Ayn Rand’s probably not the best call in terms of establishing your intellectual maturity. (Skyward Sword on the other hand…)

      I find that this post is teaching me a lot about the kind of slumber party chitchat that I’ve apparently been missing out on. Dresses, storytime, bitching about who sits at the cool table in the post-secondary cafeteria… I think I can safely call my childhood deprived, which ought to be good fodder for a Psych study or maybe a zine.

    3. UGH says:

      @UGH shut up seas, you’re fat and no one likes you

    4. A girl in CC says:

      @A girl in CC Ayn Rand? Seriously?

      1. who is says:

        @who is john galt?

        seriously i want to know who that is

      2. SEAS Kids Everywhere says:

        @SEAS Kids Everywhere We all went through that phase. Most of us were tormented in high school, which makes you sort of okay with the “I’m-smarter-than-everyone-else-so-they-can-all-die” mentality.

    5. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous You read Ayn Rand?!?Wow!

      I am completely convinced and impressed by your vast intellect!

    6. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous hey that’s funny, because me and my girl friends DO talk about dresses and guys, and we also talk about Ayn Rand (and how she’s full of shit), and who would win in a cage fight between hemingway and fitzgerald, and the fact that I read several decades of marvel chronology and took many arrows to the knee during winter break. it’s called having your cake and eating it too.

      but man, ayn rand as the standard of intellectual superiority…smh SEAS

    7. STFU says:

      @STFU Barnard girls have more fun.

    8. Ayn Rand says:

      @Ayn Rand is psuedo-intellectual dribble apologetic for the horrors of unrestrained capitalism.

      Would’ve thought any of the Core’s classes you’re forced to take would help you realize that

    9. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous and that’s why you’re in a SEAS and you’re a sexless nerd. enjoy never getting laid, you pretentious twat.

    10. To quote Paul Krugman... says:

      @To quote Paul Krugman... There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.

  • ... says:


  • derp derp derp says:

    @derp derp derp And people accused Spectrum of being sexist.

  • Who the fuck... says:

    @Who the fuck... says Nardians?! is it just me or am I getting old?! (BC’14)

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous We’ve been calling ourselves Lumbians for a while now. PrezBo sent a text.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous narddogz

  • calm your shit says:

    @calm your shit I got the idea for sending this tip by reading the post about the CC Class of 2016 that was POSTED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. #doublestandardsmuch?

    Legitimately this is the same thing that happened to CC Class of 2016. So…calm your shit. #andgetasenseofhumor

    For real though, I think the only reason that Barnard students get so upset when they’re made fun of is because of their own insecurity about to Barnard. It means that, deep down, part of them is buying into the Columbia>Barnard thing. It’s like when you make fun of your friends for being ugly. If they were actually ugly, you wouldn’t say anything. #logic

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The thumbs are greyed out, but I wanted to make sure this is thumbed up!!

    2. Uh... says:

      @Uh... I think it’s fairly obvious that the posts here are significantly meaner than the ones in the CC’16 post. The CC’16 post ha plenty of people who defended the students. And these girls wouldn’t have applied ED if they thought CC/SEAS was superior.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Sure they would, if they knew they had no chance of getting into cc/ seas and wanted to increase their chances of at least getting into barnard

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous Most of the girls in the group visited Columbia as well and didn’t care for it much…don’t project your insecurities on others.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous I was simply making the point that, despite what the previous comment said, there is a very logical reason for someone to apply to barnard despite preferring cc/seas. it wasnt meant to be taken as more barnard bashing

            But, seeing as you brought up the topic of insecurities, you might want to consider that at least some of the girls going on about how little they cared about columbia are probably trying to convince themselves of that more than anyone else

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous SO MANY #########

    4. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Replace “your friends” with “Barnard students” and “ugly” with “inferior.” I don’t think this is the point you were trying to make but I think your logic may still apply.

      1. Actually says:

        @Actually that’s exactly the point I was trying to make.

  • Barnard 2016 says:

    @Barnard 2016 And this is why I don’t post on that page.

    1. BC '16 says:

      @BC '16 But posts like these make up such a small amount of the posts in the group. I admittedly don’t post in the group as often as I did at first because of posts like these but I’m not letting it ruin my excitement or deter me from my future classmates. There’s such a variety of girls in the group – some prefer to talk about things such as clothes and dating, others prefer to discuss the alleged fetishes of historical figures. Perhaps you can’t see yourself connecting with some of the ED admits but if you avoid the group and judge all of its posters you’re only going to ruin the experience for yourself.

      1. Exactly. says:

        @Exactly. I’m not going to pretend everyone in the group seems brilliant (and I wouldn’t delude myself into thinking that in any context, since every selective college is plagued by a high concentration of students who know nothing that’s not on a standardized test), but I’ve still spoken to several incredibly intelligent, interesting women who are slated to attend. Don’t let a few questionable posts make you question the entire student body.

        Also, the group provides an excellent outlet for bottled-up snark. Just sayin’.

        1. TRACK BUTTON says:

          @TRACK BUTTON guys i can play this game allllll day

        2. Barnard 2016 says:

          @Barnard 2016 I get that the group is meant for bonding, but there isn’t much of a point in trying to impress so much when you won’t even meet half these people in real life. It’s shallow. Make real friends when you meet them, because you’re not going to be best friends with all >200 members of the group. Really, there is a core group of people who consistently post and it just ruins the entire experience. Chill, it’s January. It’s 8 months away, and even then, it’s just college. There isn’t a reason to comment on every single post every day. Not only that, but the ‘intelligent and interesting’ people just seem condescending. I know it’s not just me. Drop the hackneyed straw feminism the affectations and maybe then more people will feel welcome.

          1. Barnard 2016 says:

            @Barnard 2016 ahem…
            feminism and the*

  • BC '16 says:

    @BC '16 Okay. I’m a BC ’16 and can admit that many of the posts on our fb group come off as shallow/incredibly girly. I was initially turned off by it, but then I realized that its just a way for us to bond and stopped being bothered by it. Obviously, BC girls would not have posted about dresses and dating if they were a part of the CU fb group–e.g. “publicly.” When you’re trying to bond with a co-ed group of people, you aren’t going to talk about dresses and dating; but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to. A normal CC girl wouldn’t mind conversations like the ones we had. We appreciate having our own fb group, just as we appreciate the idea of having our own community at Barnard. We made posts like under the false assumption of security; we assumed PRIVACY. That being said, we wouldn’t come OFF as shallow/vain/promiscuous had we known that our posts were survey to the public. Our posts weren’t for you… they were for us. I’m pretty sure any other girl would agree that the things we discussed are normally discussed between any group of girls as well. That being said, Barnard stereotypes seem to just be concentrated stereotypes for women in general. To go a step further, if you want to call us shallow: I wonder WHY girls care so much about our appearances and guys anyway? Cause inherently sexist media tells us to.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous “I wonder WHY girls care so much about our appearances and guys anyway? Cause inherently sexist media tells us to.” — oh sweetie, you’ll fit right in. Welcome to college.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Welcome to the BARNYARDDDDD

    2. Not Attacking You says:

      @Not Attacking You First off, I understand how you might feel like your privacy has been violated. On the other hand, let’s honestly assess the situation: whatever was posted was done so with the knowledge that it would be sent out to hundreds of people, the vast majority of which were complete strangers. And to quote the EFF:

      “some Supreme Court cases have held that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy in information you have “knowingly exposed” to a third party — for example, bank records or records of telephone numbers you have dialed — even if you intended for that third party to keep the information secret. ”

      I think this case clearly falls under such a category.

      Second of all, I think you are misunderstanding the manner in which these posts are being made fun of. Clearly it’s not the official message that Barnard ’16 decided to send to the world, it’s a peek at how Barnard ’16 behaves when no-ones looking. It’s the equivalent of walking in on someone masturbating to My Little Pony, rather than finding out because they told you. (even though the second case is more ridiculous, the point is they are *both* funny; the fact that you were doing it privately doesn’t excuse the behavior).

      In general the “I thought nobody would know about it” defense is almost *never* a good one. The whole *point* is that it’s how you act when nobody’s looking!
      Statements like “we wouldn’t come OFF as shallow/vain/promiscuous had we known that our posts were survey to the public” are just ridiculous. That’s essentially saying “I wouldn’t have come OFF like a douche if I knew you were listening to me yell at him”. The point is *NOT* what you came off like, it’s what you *are*, when nobody’s watching.

      “Our posts weren’t for you… they were for us.” Again, that’s the *WHOLE POINT*. If all we saw were posts that were intended for us, then there wouldn’t be anything to laugh at!

      What’s funny is: What do Barnard ’16 students find to discuss amongst themselves, when they are not concerned with shaping their appearance towards the outside world?

      And the answer is, (as you put it), the conversation gravitates towards things which make them seem “shallow/vain/promiscuous”. That’s the joke. It’s not about what you *want* people to think about you, nor your ability to engage in other topics of discussion, nor whether other people discuss similar things, nor anything else.

      On the other hand
      “I wonder WHY girls care so much about our appearances and guys anyway? Cause inherently sexist media tells us to.”

      Well, now you’re getting to the root of the problem…

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous YOU can care about what YOU choose to,

    4. CC '13 Female says:

      @CC '13 Female Your whole private forum v. public forum argument is based on the fundamental assumption that when girls are “alone” with other girls they use the opportunity to talk about dresses/boys/issues of equal importance and weight. You suggested that girls who do not get this “opportunity” probably “wouldn’t mind conversations” like the ones you had. When I’m with my female friends I talk about the same shit I talk about when I’m with a co-ed mix of my friends….and that’s usually ridiculous stories from the weekend, awesome professors, the Patriots, cool classes, shitty TAs, whatever was on bwog that day, Hawkmadinejhad, how much ferris sucks, how tired I am, and how much I procrastinated the night before writing superfluously long bwog comments. When a female friend starts blabbing on about some guy that’s running circles around her, I stop her and ask her if complaining-about-him/thinking-about-him/texting-him/worrying-about-him-not-thinking-about-you is an effective use of her time. We’re all busy as fuck. The answer is always no.

      I don’t want to sound condescending, but I have a personal challenge for you. By the time you graduate in 2016, I hope you will find that your intellectual engagement with the world is not something you need a “break” from, but rather is something that defines your very being. The “private forum” of sisterly bonding should not be used as an escape from your intelligence.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous “wah wah wah internalized sexism, gender policing”

      2. BC '16 who posted before says:

        @BC '16 who posted before The fundamental assumption in YOUR argument is that our discussions exclusively revolve around the frivolity Bwog chose to post. First off, Bwog selectively picked certain quotes to make this post HUMOROUS. Join the BC ’16 group and realize that “Ridiculous stories from the weekend[…]etc” are EQUALLY AS OFTEN discussion topics. Bwog was trying to be funny, but we are obviously not incapable of intellectual discussions.

        Personally, I’m glad that Barnard girls don’t brag about their academic accomplishments as a strategy of bonding. How can you say that we don’t have any?

        I’m not defending myself. I agree that posts made by some of classmates perpetuate existing Barnard stereotypes. I did not contribute to them. But that is SIMPLY because I am not interested in discussing boys/fashion. However, I feel the need to defend them. Because, the real question is: Why are CAN’T they talk about these things?

        Do you think you’re better than them because they like talking about boys/fashion? I don’t like talking about boys/fashion, but I don’t think that makes me better than them.

        Take a chill pill. I also wasn’t suggesting that ALL girls talk about certain things when they’re together–I was suggesting that Barnard girls would NOT have discussed certain things if the group was co-ed.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous Stop using big words brah. I don’t know what they mean.

          1. BC '16 says:

            @BC '16 My words too big? And I thought Barnard girls were supposed to be intellectually inferior to their CC and SEAS counterparts.

            I applied ED to Barnard for a reason.

            I was considering Columbia. I looked at my options: SEAS, CC, and Barnard.

            I’m not interested in engineering or science, so SEAS was out. I have an incredible amount of AP credits and intend to graduate early, so CC was also out because the Core Curriculum would not have allowed me to. Barnard was the best option for me. I was hesitant about the all-girls thing, but I did more research and really admired the school’s philosophy.

            That being said, I’m pretty sure that have the stats (SAT score, GPA and extracurriculars), to have been accepted to CC.

            Barnard was a CHOICE, one that I will not regret, because I know that it was the right one for me. I hardly think that its fair that I should be judged (academically, intellectually or socially) when you don’t know me as a person. I could have just as easily become a CC girl if Barnard didn’t take me. I only applied to schools in NYC, so Columbia was really my only far-reach-ivy option.

            Don’t judge groups as a whole. You don’t know the individuals.

            I’m a ’16er and have already called off Bwog. Really, I don’t want to read this shit, may it be funny or not. I will probably be writing for Spec.

            1. Anonymous says:

              @Anonymous Just so you are aware, no one will respect you for saying things like this. You think at first that if you can prove how smart and accomplished you are, then Columbia people will like you more. OPPOSITE! If you are a nice person with a good sense of humor and some amount of social skills, people will probably like you regardless of their school. So calm down, take a deep breath, ignore the Bwog comments, and continue on being a second semester high school senior. Shouldn’t you be busy being drunk in class? (That is the only way to spend your last semester of high school. NO REGRETZ)

      3. Haha says:

        @Haha so you talk about important things like procrastinating and writing pointlessly long comments on Bwog? Um, okay.

    5. Internet user with common sense says:

      @Internet user with common sense Uhh, I know that the groups on FB are technically “closed” or “private,” but shouldn’t you have learned by now that essentially anything you put up on the internet is for the world to see?

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous If that’s how you learn the lesson, you got off very easy.

        Welcome, and have fun BC ’16s!

    6. BC '14 says:

      @BC '14 While I’m not arguing necessarily with many of your points, I do have to ask this question… Do you honestly think that anything you write on the internet is inherently private? Has there been such a change in mentality between when I was a senior and now that yall actually think the internet is a private thing?

      I’m sorry, but anything anyone says ever on the internet ever is subject to being public. And to be upset that the public views something said on the internet because it was for private intent is illogical.

      Also, in regards to sexism, are you aware that there is a similar post about the CC ’16 group? That’s not sexist. None of this is necessarily sexist, it’s just giggling by Barnard or Columbia students who have been there, done that, at how well the accepted students fit in with the stereotypes of their respective schools.

      Barnard– as you will soon understand– has stereotypes. You can either choose to laugh at them or fight them. One will soon lead to overcoming those stereotypes (because people just stop giving a fuck if you don’t, either), and one will lead to a long, exhaustive battle where people (both from CC AND BC) will constantly try to goad you by starting a fight in which they know you will engage.

      So I understand, as a soon-to-be-First -Year who is super excited about coming to Barnard, you have every right to be excited and every right to jump on the BC bandwagon. But I promise you, getting angry at posts likes these for being a “violation of privacy” or for being “sexist” will just have people calling you immature. Save yourself that stress.

  • BC '16 says:

    @BC '16 We’re not all walking stereotypes, I swear. And I have to say, whoever took these screencaps chose some of the less interesting moments of Barnard ’16 history – we even had an incident where a guy infiltrated. For the record we managed to repel him by channeling our womynly energy and frightening desperation.

    1. bc'13 says:

      @bc'13 womynly

      1. bc'13 says:

        @bc'13 *hahahhahahahah womynly

  • You guys be dicks says:

    @You guys be dicks I don’t go to Columbia or Barnard, but I just wanted to say how pretentious and dickish you all seem right now. They’re girls, excited to get into a fantastic school, and all you do is be jealous that they got into a school affiliated with your own. I can easily assume that a majority of the people “hatin'” right now are girls who find themselves of better quality than Barnardigans, and bottom of the barrel Columbia guys wanting to hate on SOMETHING instead of “trolling” their super secret forums. You should really grow up and start to realize that you are no better than them, nor those that go to any other university on Earth, but simply over privileged and overpraised white kids from the suburb of *INSERT NORTHEASTERN CITY HERE*.

    1. hmm says:

      @hmm I agree with you on some fronts (namely that the hating always seem unwarranted and for the sake of vitriol/trolling only), but honestly it’s just what the anonymity of the internet breeds. gotta learn to brush it off, brah(ette)–unless you wanna accept/believe that mankind is naturally depraved, which is sometimes kinda hard to argue against given what’s seen in contemporary politics and society.

      also, I’m black and from a poor socio-economic background, which kinda isn’t over privileged or overpraised. so. awk.

      and on a random side note: who likes bears? like, actual ones? eatin’ honey all day and shit. damn, I bet bears are chill as fuck.

      1. You are so right says:

        @You are so right I bet bears ARE chill as fuck.
        I would love to bro out with those hibernating sons of bitches.

    2. confused says:

      @confused if you don’t go to barnard or columbia why are you reading bwog?

      1. Hopin' to catch a glimpse says:

        @Hopin' to catch a glimpse of all dat vitriol

    3. Let's get this shit started says:

      @Let's get this shit started >Barnardigans

    4. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Yeah. I agree. I hate it when people Barnard bash. I love Barnard as an institution and some of chillest friends are from Barnard.

      All that being said, why the fuck do you read Bwog if you don’t go here? Super creepy, bro. Super creepy.

    5. Jokes on YOU says:

      @Jokes on YOU My suburb’s in the Midwest!!

    6. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Worked hard to get into one of the Columbia schools. When Barnard mooches off our rep, all I do is itch for the day that we eminent domain their asses.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous It honestly doesn’t matter in the long run.

    7. damien says:

      @damien you don’t even go here!

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous And none for Gretchen Wieners.

  • BC '16 says:

    @BC '16 So the group found this post, and here’s one of the comments:

    With six eyes did he weep, and down three chins
    Trickled the tear-drops and the bloody drivel.
    At every mouth he with his teeth was crunching

    A sinner, in the manner of a brake,
    … So that he three of them tormented thus.
    To him in front the biting was as naught

    Unto the clawing, for sometimes the spine
    Utterly stripped of all the skin remained.
    “That soul up there which has the greatest pain,”

    The Master said, “is the girl from Bwog;
    The greatest betrayer, who succumbed to
    To the savage ardor that drove her to

    Reveal the dark secrets that lay within
    The posts of the Barnard 2016
    Group on Facebook.”

  • woah TIME OUT TIME OUT the barnard bashing says:

    @woah TIME OUT TIME OUT the barnard bashing TIME OUT FOR A MINUTE.

    and answer my question: how many sites do you guys usually check when booking a hotel room? and which site do you visit first?

    – curious seas guy who will be traveling soon and who inquires about hotel booking sites on bwog

    – time out over –


    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous it would seem you’ve just opened the floor for some hilarious seas bashing…

      1. seas guy says:

        @seas guy congrats! the number of fucks i give is at an all time high due to your comment! : ZERO.

        – seas guy who quantifies the number of fucks he gives and sorts them high to low on bwog.

  • NARDIANS says:


  • Barnard virgin says:

    @Barnard virgin hey guys, if i marry a columbia guy, do my kids get to go to columbia too? i really really wanna

    1. Barnard virgin says:

      @Barnard virgin if we have kids and they go to columbia, does that mean some part of me went to columbia too?

  • brah says:

    @brah I am always always always always against Barnard bashing; some of my chillest girl friends are Barnard women. but shit. kinda hard to defend them from themselves.

    (though to be fair, they’re prefrosh.)

    1. ^ Confirmed for white knight says:

      @^ Confirmed for white knight Duude, you sound, like, so chill.

      1. brah says:

        @brah had to urban dictionary that, not gonna lie. s’all good though, I appreciate the humor. shit’s straight.

  • BC '11 says:

    @BC '11 I want to give back my diploma.

    1. CC '11 says:

      @CC '11 Which one?

  • Barnard virgin says:

    @Barnard virgin Hey guys, is it true we get a Columbia degree too? coz i really really wanna

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Barnard bashing commences in 3…2…1…

  • Riiiiighttttt says:

    @Riiiiighttttt Barnard students are every bit as intelligent and driven as their Columbia College counterparts, you guys!!

    1. at least half says:

      @at least half of those downvotes are from people who missed the sarcasm

      1. "Downvotes" says:

        @"Downvotes" It’s not Reddit….

  • It's as though says:

    @It's as though the CC/SEAS women have been brought together, and asked to write as they would imagine a Barnard girl might.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous couldn’t even if they tried

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Way to perpetuate the stereotypes.

    1. anon says:

      @anon All Barnard girls wear vintage prom dresses and have stoner scuba-diving boyfriends?

  • Anonymous says:


    1. omg says:

      @omg I cried at how funny this is. you are a god.

    2. Hey BC '16ers! says:

      @Hey BC '16ers! I’ll gladly be mauled by you anytime.

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