Relearn how to properly feed yourself by checking out the Greenmarket’s fresh fruit and produce Thursdays and Sundays on Broadway between 114th and 116th. As always, Bwog brings you the highlights.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack all in one neat pile

  • Stop by the info station and flash your CUID for a free, reusable shopping bag
  • Turnips, rutabaga, and carrots fit for hummus-dipping can be found at the Monkshood Nursery, making an early return on Sunday
  • Make your roommate happy with new chocolate chip cherry cookies for late night snacking from Samascott on Thursday and Sunday
  • Stannard Farm is offerring fingerling potatoes perfect for roasting with herbs, salt, and pepper (finally, an excuse to use your kitchen!)
  • Get a package of DiPaula’s turkey burgers to last the week every Sunday
  • Need more tastes in your life?  Salento Farms has got you covered on Sundays with fresh garlic, garlic powder, pickled eggplant, and garlic-scape pesto.  Just remember to carry your pocket-sized Listerine with you
Debit, credit, and EBT are always and forever yours accepted.