The battle raged fiercely

In the final event of Engineering Week, campus jam band Ace of Cake won the Battle of the Bands by popular vote on Sunday night, instrumentally rocking their way to victory in the Lerner Party Space. A $500 cash prize and “eternal glory” are but a few of the perks they now enjoy. Rumors are abounding that has it that a massively opulent, cake themed celebration party will occur in the near future.

The deliciously decadent band won out over its competitors Columbia Bluegrass, The Foggy Details, ITV Project, and Baker Street. Each band “showed greatly diverse styles, from alternative to classic to psychedelic rock, free jazz, and bluegrass,” commented Carl Majeau, from the winning band. “All but Ace of Cake, an instrumental jazz/rock jam band, featured vocalists.”

For those who missed the battle, more of Ace of Cake’s music can be found at, as well as live most Saturdays from 7 to 8 pm on The band is currently working on their first album, “sure to be cream-filled with delicious confectionary treats.” As a thank you to their devoted fans, they plan to throw a night of debauchery “for all the homies, filled with cake and many of the finer things.” Bwog can only speculate as to these finer elements.

All the bands reportedly put on admirable shows — “the whole experience carved new facets in my perception of Columbia’s quietly burgeoning music scene,” Majeau reflected. Congratulations, musical warriors! May all your future cream-filled dreams come true.

 Musical stylings via Wikimedia Commons