Oy there skippers! The antwacky Philo posse cordially invites any gadges and manashees to a good ol’ afternoon of jackanories and canking with Karen the Librarian over tea and biscuits. Pip pop cheerio.

Puppies coming to Columbia circa 2200

Seriously though, the Philolexian society is holding teatime this afternoon in Sulzberger Tower from 4 – 6 pm with Karen the Librarian. Those who would like to attend can RSVP here. For those of you who don’t know, Karen Green, Ancient and Medieval History Librarian and Graphic Novels Librarian at Columbia, is one of Butler’s most sacred resources. She holds a plethora of knowledge in her respective field, and knows far more about the library habits of you and your peers than you would expect.

Dogs Gone Wild via Wikimedia Commons