It’s been nearly two weeks since Bwog’s bracketology majors debuted the Bwog Coffee Showdown, with the goal of finding the best cup of coffee in Morningside? Sure, you can read about Linsanity on any sports page, but only Bwog’s Sports Desk can provide in-depth coverage of Columbia’s very own pursuit of the perfect brew. With all the rigor of a Frontiers of Science lecture slide and the detailed analytic methods employed only in Physics for Poets, we bring you the next round in our coffee showdown.

The Result: The experts assembled and tasted the remaining group of four coffees: the Starbucks at 115th, Nussbaum, Tom’s, and Uris Café. There were no upsets this time, with the coffees more or less performing as predicted by their seeded values. Uris sank quickly to the bottom, while Nussbaum and Tom’s put up more of a fight, the diner losing out due to a lack of flavor complexity while Nuss’s strong metallic flavor was its undoing. Starbucks cruised to victory on the wings of its nutty and strong taste.


Next Week: The four coffees who advanced in the first round (Oren’s, Joe, the breakfast cart, and Starbucks 115th) will move on to the semifinals. Oren’s will duke it out with the 115th Starbucks, and the breakfast cart will attempt to upset Joe and continue its Cinderella run. Then the winners will move on to the final round, in which we will offer a judges’ opinion before polling you, dear readers, to crown a winning brew.

The Final Four

Cup #1 (Tom’s)

“has a chocolatey undertone”

“hazelnut feel”

“strong, dark, and handsome”

“flavor is not particularly complex”

Cup #2 (Starbucks)

“really round and homey and warm”

“dark and flavorful”

“nutty, kind of sassy”

“woody flavor”

Cup #3 (Nussbaum)

“smells really metallic”

“sort of an unsavory type”

“maybe a little burnt”

“there’s something off about it”

Cup #4 (Uris)

“so fruity it’s tacky”

“robots would make it”

“makes me uncomfortable”

“there’s something really unsettling about it”

Final Rankings:

1. Starbucks

2. Tom’s

3. Nussbaum

4. Uris