The all seeing eye

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Dear Bwog,

I just ran into my TA, stark naked, leaving the Dodge showers. I still had my towel on. At the time it wasn’t weird, and we just sorta automatically smiled and said hello in passing. After the fact, it’s a little weird. What do I do?

Perplexed Penis Peeker

Dear PPP,

First, breathe. Second, let Bwog breathe. We’ve handled TA issues before, but not like this.

You saw a penis you weren’t supposed to see. There’s a right way to handle this and a wrong way to handle this. As difficult as this might seem, the solution is just to not talk about it. Don’t talk about it to your friends (the last thing you want is a bad double entendre made around said TA) and don’t talk about it to your TA (for obvious reasons).

You did nothing wrong. Ostensibly, if you spend enough time in the Dodge locker room, you will see some penises. This one just happens to belong to somebody you know who has power over you—at least until the end of the semester.

So, for the next few months, you’ll see your fully clothed TA in discussion sections and office hours. Play it cool. Do your reading, keep your head down, and say intelligent things. Your TA wants to ignore this as much or more than you do.

Think about it: he knows that you know which of the two of you has a bigger penis. Knowledge is power. If you handle this maturely, he’ll appreciate that. It could have been worse.

We believe in you,


Scene of the occurrence via Wikimedia Commons