Update, 4 pm: Spec’s EIC and Managing Editor have posted a statement addressing the disconnect between the information in their story “CUCR plans to invite Ahmadinejad to campus” and the response from CUCR. They write, “Before we included that information, [CUCR] group leadership said that the documents were authentic, though the intention behind their statements is now unclear.” Read the full Spec statement here

In an email to Spec last night, former CUCR President Lauren Salz said she “would be extremely surprised” if the invitation CUCR allegedly sent to Ahmadinejad turned out to be real, in response to their article, “CUCR plans to invite Ahmadinejad to campus.” This email echoes CUCR’s statement yesterday, which was also in reponse to the same headline. Salz was concerned with the financial claims made by the supposed invitation from CUCR, writing that “we never promise money or speak about finances with potential speakers until they have expressed a willingness to come.” A screenshot of her email to the story’s reporter can be found below.

Salz confirmed with Bwog that the opinion she provided to Spec was misrepresented in Spec’s follow-up article published yesterday. Salz was cited as falsely yielding support for Spec’s allegation that CUCR plans to invite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia. Spec initially stated that “Former CUCR President Lauren Salz, BC ’11, confirmed that the draft matched CUCR’s template for writing invitation letters.” Since the original publication of that article, mention of Salz has been removed. Spec has not yet published a correction or any acknowledgement of the update.  Update: Earlier this afternoon, Spec posted the correction, “A previous version of this story erroneously included a quote from Lauren Salz, BC ’11. Spectator regrets the errors.”

The original article, in which Salz's statement is inaccurately referenced.

The article, following removal of Salz's name.