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Q: As a senior BC student I’m getting pulled in to a quad by other senior CU students. Is there a form my CU friends have to submit letting CC housing know that a BC student is getting pulled in? As a BC student is there notification that I have to turn in to either housing office?

A: Surprisingly, at a school that has a form for vending malfunctions, there aren’t any special forms. The Columbia Housing website reads, “Barnard students may participate in Columbia Room Selection only as a member of a group during Suite Selection. She must be present during Suite Selection.” Joyce Jackson, Executive Director of Housing, adds that, “All of the Barnard students will be in the database and should be able to log in with their ‘uni’ and password beginning on Wednesday, February 29th.” You’ll just need to log in with your UNI and check boxes.

What you have to keep in mind is the BC@CU cap, which is “equal to the number of CC/SEAS students who sign up for Barnard housing during Barnard’s Group Selection and the eligible Barnard students assigned to a sorority.” You’re a senior, so you’ll probably be OK. Nevertheless, make sure to register for Barnard Room Selection just in case. Last year they hit the cap uncomfortably early. You don’t want to be left out in the cold.