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Q: How do you bring up the topic of housing to a potential suitemate?

A: Housing angst is real. Who wants to vulnerably put oneself out there only to risk rejection and shame? Are we not all cold, independent New York transplants? On the one hand you don’t want to look needy; on the other, you could really see yourself with this person in the long run.

First, you need to find out if the person in question is available. This is like dating pre-Facebook; you’ve got to ask your mutual friends.

Lest this romantic language make you cringe, understand that it’s not entirely out of place. Housing is a concern everyone on this campus must reckon with, so your friends are probably just as anxious as you are. Like a proposition for a threesome, suggest it first noncommittally. If they seem amenable to the idea, be a little more straightforward.

Your strategy for propositioning potential suitemates must also depend on the person in question. If it’s a close floor mate or your BFF, a casual, “Have you thought about housing?” will no doubt suffice. Don’t over-think! If it’s a club acquaintance or a class friend, someone you think would be a good fit but aren’t necessarily very close to, do a bit of research beforehand: “I was thinking of getting a suite together in [objectively mediocre but nonetheless desirable building], any interest in joining?” Volunteering to put in both legwork on the Housing website and time to master the lottery is the easiest way to make yourself the indispensable suitemate.

Be confident, be cool. Be calculating. Above all of those, be quick. The clock is ticking, people are settling down, and the meet market doesn’t stay open forever!