There’s less than a week till Valentine’s Day, but fear not loveless single people. Personals continue with CC juniors Camille Murphy and Erin Gillingham. They both nominated each other. Cute stuff. If either of these gals strikes your fancy, let us know (, and we’ll shell out $10 for your romantic date. Email us at the same address if you want to post your own personal. And remember folks, these ladies are putting their hearts on the line for love, so don’t be a dick be civil. 

Name/ School/ Year/ Major: Camille Murphy, CC ’13, Urban Studies

Preference: Guy

Hometown: Framingham, Massachusetts

Your dream date in 7 words or less: Bring me a Kombucha and I will love you forever.

What redeems you as a human being? I am always listening.

Myers Briggs Personality type: ESTP – slightly

Ref room or 209: I do not like any room in Butler. I can’t recall the last time I set foot in there.

Guilty pleasure song: Moment 4 Life – the itunes play count on this song may or may not be over 1,000

Late night food stop: K-NETS, with extra mushrooms please.

Historical Hottie: Kanye West. Most may not consider him historic, but I believe his hotness transcends all time constraints


Name/ School/ Year/ Major: Erin Gillingham / CC ’13 / Economics, Political Science

Preference: Guy

Hometown: Solana Beach, California

Your dream date in 7 words or less: Beach sun sand music walks love

What redeems you as a human being? I’m from California!!!

Myers Briggs Personality type: ESTP

Ref room or 209: Terrible question.

Guilty pleasure song: Somebody to Love…

Late night food stop: Knets!!!

Historical Hottie: Tough call, definitely a toss up between Jack Johnson and JFK.