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The typical nine-to-five for Ramon Diaz, CC ’12, takes “hands on” to a new level. While his numerous photo ops really speak for themselves, Bwog couldn’t help but pose a few follow-up questions. Join us as we get the quick-and-dirty.

Diaz contemplates Aristotle’s concept of “natural slavery.”

Bwog: How’d you get the job? We’re guessing not through CCE…?

Ramon Diaz, CC ’12: Unfortunatley not [laughs]. I wanted to work in a racy industry and CCE does not cater to jobs focusing on sex and entertainment. Initially I applied for Playboy but their NY office no longer existed and the only internship I could get with them was in Chicago. Maxim had an ad on their website about interns so I sent in my resume and got the jobs shortly after.

Bwog: Was the Dominatrix shoot your first gig? How did they approach you about it?

Diaz: Yes. The associate editor thought it would be a good idea to have me in the shoot since I was the only male intern in the office. Basically they have a section called “Maxim Office Assistant” and they get a model for the magazine every month to pose at our office in lingerie pretending to do “intern stuff.” Someone had the idea to incorporate a dominatrix for the February issue so it was only right to make me a slave for the shoot. I made my presence known in the office early and they thought I would be a good fit.

Bwog: Is the photoshoot “just another day at the office” for you?

Diaz: Like any other. I was an editorial intern so I had to transcribe interviews and do research about topics before an issue released but I was given the opportunity to voice my ideas for future issues. I never had a monotonous day; one day I might see J-Woww at the office or the next day I could be hosting a model shoot for the magazine.

Bwog: Advice to other CU students who have similar aspirations?

Diaz: All I have to say is this: If you had to speak at a career day would people genuinely be interested in your job? We are given the opportunity to attend a university where we could pursue ANYTHING so find a passion that you have and do it! Even if it’s selling sex.

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  1. person

    This is the best,

  2. Ramon Diaz  

    is the mother fucking man!

  3. Anonymous  

    First, thank you for your commitment to your racy passions. On the subject of race, as this year is a multiple of 4, I'm sure you know that there is a presidential race this fall.

    1) What is your opinion on the war on women's rights?
    2) On the subject of women's rights, what is your take on Obama's speech at Barnard?
    3) Can you get that model to speak at CC commencement?

    Also, please initiate shitshow in 3....2.....1

  4. i think you mean  

    "dog boi"

  5. Anonymous  

    Steve Jobs once said "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." Jobs would be proud of your steadfast committment to your heart's passions.

    And speaking of Jobs - and namely jobs that blow (in the best possible way) - I'm sending my resume to Brazzers, BangBros and PubesInMyBraces right after I post this comment. Ramon Diaz, you are an inspirational to us all.

  6. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure I've seen adult industry postings on CCE. Definitely remember seeing Lucas Entertainment there last year.

  7. Anonymous  

    It's really great to know that blog continues to glorify patriarchy and the complete objectification of women. What a lucky guy! He gets to drool over women who are selling their bodies for a living. Yes, it is their choice to do so, but what does it say about our society when women are getting paid more to do that than most other available positions, especially for those who have less access to education.

  8. Anonymous  

    this is absolutely disgusting. same on you, bwog.

  9. anon  

    Men who have access to the internet yet buy softcore magazines must be the most respectable, venerable men in the world today; that, or they like wasting money.

  10. Awesome  

    This is too great.

  11. ...  

    weird. i never knew maxim liked to dabble in homoerotic imagery. welcome to 2012, i guess?

  12. Some people  

    honestly find this offensive?

  13. downvote?  

    this isn't fucking reddit

  14. Congrats

    Teenage boys all over of America have been busting a nut on your pictorial. I guess your education got you where you want to be, on the sticky page underneath some 13 yo mattress. Well done sir, well done

    • Ramon relax, i got this fool...  

      I believe the only appropriate response to your self-righteous, holier than thou comment is... HATERS GONNA HATE! rock on ramon!

    • You can't be serious  

      So I guess charging people $400+ an hour for legal advice is better. Or becoming part of the 1% at the expense of others is too. Or how about working a mundane 40+ hour a week job with no excitement. Is that what an education at Columbia is supposed to get you? This guy was used as a prop for a photoshoot that was seen nationwide, got to fight a MMA trainer for fun, and seems to work in an environment that excites him. He is gaining an impressive resume because he's doing "out of the box" work while other kids are filing papers or running for coffee at their internships. Give him a break-you probably never even met him and you're shooting down his interests.

  15. question  

    he was "the only male intern in the office"? most of the interns there are women??

  16. what would the world be like...  

    if women had an obvious, non-verbal indicator of sexual arousal, like their own versions of hard-ons... something to think about

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