What? Cubmail is Evolving!

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As we heard in January, Google Apps (“Lionmail”) are slated to replace Cubmail. It’ll be called Lionmail, which is like cubs, but grown up. Everyone will get Lionmail by 2012, but 1000 lucky students will score it in mid-April, as part of the trial “Phase One.” If that interests you, sign up for the lottery that they emailed us about.

And if you want a sneak peak of the future holds, a tipster sent in what may well be the login page. As of now, UNI login does not work.

The future of eight years ago is the end of this year.

Of course, Barnard already has gBear, which means fun shit gets to happen over there. Let’s pray PrezBo ends up replying to a school-wide listserv disaster; it would be nice to hear from him.

Dear Student
Would you like to be one of the 1,000 students selected to move from CubMail to LionMail next month? Then sign up for the lottery that will be used to randomly select the undergraduates who will transition in mid-April to LionMail, the state-of-the-art email messaging, contacts and calendaring system based on Google Apps for Education.

CUIT’s Pilot of the transition successfully kicked off March 20, and the University is preparing for Phase One. The deans of students of the three undergraduate schools (Columbia College, SEAS and General Studies) are working with CUIT to move all undergraduate students from CubMail to LionMail by the end of 2012.

That’s where you come in! During Phase One, we will move approximately 1,000 undergraduate students to LionMail in mid-April.

To be considered for Phase One, you must register for the lottery by midnight on March 26. Those not selected or who do not participate in the lottery will be moved to LionMail by the end of 2012. You may sign up for the lottery at:

During Phase One, CUIT may ask participants for feedback to further improve LionMail. To find out what the transition will entail for those who are selected, please visit the LionMail transition page.

Again, if you would like to move to LionMail as part of Phase One, please sign up for the lottery by midnight on March 26. By March 28, you will be notified about whether you were selected.


The LionMail team

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  1. Anonymous

    A few got it yesterday. Can send screenshots to tips@ if interested.

    Spoilers: it's exactly like gmail.

  2. Anon

    Frankly the switchover is pointless. When they switch my account over I'm still going to just port everything to my personal Gmail account anyway, which I've been doing for two years now.

    • Anonymous  

      Yup, I feel the same way, although I just set up cubmail with an email client (Apple Mail) and it works flawlessly. Bottom line, there are ways around the crummy cubmail interface, so I'm not all that excited for LionMail. That being said, I still registered for the Phase 1 lottery!

  3. Anonymous  

    i'm using lion mail right now.
    it's like gmail but the same

  4. Anonymous

    Tipster is wrong: the login page is the obvious,UNI login works, but only gets you in if you're "in."

    Two ways it's different from Gmail:
    1) That cool name.
    2) 25 GB of storage
    3) No ads
    (chose 2 of the 3 above)

  5. Anonymous  

    so happy about the title of this post.

  6. Anonymous  

    I think this is the correct url:

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