These ladies know who they're voting for. Do you?

We’re back which means that CCSC has a new list of candidates for the upcoming Spring Elections. Campaigning begins next Monday, March 26th, and online voting polls will open at 9 am on April 2nd and run until 5 pm on April 5th. Take your pick.

Executive Board

The 212
Karishma Habbu (President)
Will Hughes (VP Policy)
Yanyi Luo (VP Campus Life)
Jared Odessky (VP Communications)
Daphne Chen (VP Finance)

Block Party
Alex Jasiulek (President)
Jean Pierre Salendres (VP Policy)
Janice Yoon (VP Campus Life)
Lauren Barriere (VP Communications)
Peyton Bell (VP Finance)

Class of 2015 Council

Benjamin Schechner, Kla$$y Kidz: Partiee of One (Rep.)

Tammuz Huberman, Independent (Representative)

Matthew Chupack, Independent (Representative)

Merry Sun, Independent (Representative)

The Lion Kings
Loxley Bennett (President)
Julia Jarrett (Vice President)
Liam Bland (Representative)
Chris Godshall (Representative)
Mary Joseph (Representative)

Class of 2013 Council

Ryan Mandelbaum (President)
Elizabeth Angeles (Vice President)
Maggie Brommer (Representative)
Eugene Wu (Representative)
Adebayo Adesomo (Representative)

Senior Citizens Party
Eleanor Stein (President)
Justin Yang (Vice President)
Jide Adebayo (Representative)
Adrienne Suazo (Representative)
Zachariah Reitano (Representative)

Richard Sun
Ryan Cho
Matthew Chou
Chris Canales
Derrick Fu

Academic Affairs Representative
Grace McCarty
Steven Castellano

Pre-Professional Representative
Caroline Lisankie

Student Services Representatives
Christina (Chen Mun) Fan
Blaine Harper
Erin Bilir

Class of 2014 Council

Kiwi Krew
Conan Cassidy (President)
Joanna Kelly (Vice President)
Sarita Patankar (Representative)
Alexander Andresian (Representative)
Arvin Ahmadi (Representative)

Ben Xue (President)
Alex Donelly (Vice President)
Evan Munro (Representative)
Dana Benami (Representative)
Joshua (Zach) Vargas-Sullivan (Representative)

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