Ladies and Gentlemen, your candidates for 2012-2013 Engineering Student Council. Campaigning officially begins today, so prepare to feel valued like never before. Voting will open next week at 9 am on Monday, April 2nd, and will continue until 5 pm on Thursday, April 5th. Also keep in mind that the candidates’ forum will be held in Lerner C555 from 3 to 5 pm on Sunday. Executive Board and Senate below, everything else after the jump.

Executive Board

Project Blue

Tim Qin (President)
Bora Kim (VP Policy)
Caroline Taylor (VP Communications)
Siddhant Bhatt (VP Finance)
Sheila Misheni (VP Student Life)

University Senator

Logan Donovan
Adam Hadar
Akshay Shah

Class of 2013 Council

The SEASians

Mary Byers (President)
Ruchi Gupta (Vice President)
Christine Liu (Class Representative)
Shudipto Rahman (Class Representative)

Class of 2014 Council

Futastic 14

Daniel O’Leary (President)
Tanya Shah (Vice President)
Patrick Fu (Class Representative)
Priya Sharma (Class Representative)

Class of 2015 Council

CE Change

Tanay Doctor (President)
Andre Paiva (Vice President)
Aditya Naganath (Class Representative)

Kung Fu Pandas

Joshua Boggs (President)
Shensi Ding (Vice President)
Manali Yavatkar (Class Representative)
Edward Zahrebelski (Class Representative)

Academic Affairs Representative

Charlie Wu

Professional Development & Alumni Affairs Representative

Brian Wu

Student Services Representative

Alexander Pae

CCSC Liaison

Andrew Gonzalez

GSSC Liaison

Jerry Sun

SGA Liaison

Janiel Li