Spring has come!

It’s spring break!  We know this because Ke$ho himself said it!  Wishing us a “happy, safe, and refreshing Spring Break,” Ke$ho has made the dream real in his annual Spring Break email.  We hope you enjoy your week off and have a sweet, relaxing time.  In the meantime, get closer to Ke$ho by welcoming him to Twitter!

Bwog will also be on break this week, tanning our computer screen, but we know you all have withdrawal symptoms when we’re away.  To counter that, we want to hear from you.  Send your spring break stories (what you did that day, what you’re doing for the whole week, how many TV shows you watched, etc.) to tips@bwog.com.  We will post the best stories over the week–we know Columbia is full of exceptional people and we want to showcase that.  Keep it under 500 words, we’re still tired from midterms.

Greetings Students,

With Spring Break just around the corner, I’m sure you are eager to enjoy some time off and unwind after these last busy weeks of assignments, deadlines and midterm exams. I hope this break affords you the opportunity to switch gears, catch up with family and friends, and do something completely different. Whatever plans you pursue, I hope you will be safe and, equally as important, that you have an enjoyable time!

It was a pleasure seeing some of you on the Lerner ramps earlier this week when Student Affairs staff and I greeted students and distributed over 1,000 cookies to students as they passed by. In case you missed it, look for us when we are on the ramps again or the steps of Low in April with Student Affairs Cares .

It’s hard to believe there are only eight weeks left until the end of this academic year. I am looking forward to seeing you at many of the campus-wide events and celebrations planned throughout the spring to recognize all that you have accomplished, individually and as clubs and organizations.

Once again, Student Affairs wishes all of you a safe and relaxing Spring Break. We will see you back on campus on March 19!


Kevin G. Shollenberger

Blossoms emerging from the depths via Wikimedia Commons