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See you here. At 2.

From Chewbacchanal to Abacchalypse to Barkanal, some of us have seen many a Bacchanal come and go. But for those who haven’t—or for those whose memories of said festivities are suspiciously “blank”—here’s a little refresher course in what to expect.

When and Where

  • Today. Duh.
  • The performances start at 2 pm, and will go ’til about 6 pm
  • Low steps (this place)

The Lineup

  • The sets are slated to be about an hour each, with some delays in between
  • The order is roughly this: Spicy Special (2-3 pm), Wavves (3-4 pm), Curren$y (4:15-5:15 pm), and then Big Gigantic (6:305:30-?? pm)

Will they be carding?

  • While in some past years, Columbia IDs have been required for admittance, a Bacchanal organizer has confirmed to Bwog that they’re not necessary today

The Elusive “Food, Drank, and Other” Section

Don’t forget to tip!

  • You’re bound to hear and see ridiculous stuffs all day long—throw us a bone at [email protected]

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  1. fyi  

    Cap'n Joe Girton
    BACCHA90s festivities begin at 1! free redbull and live DJ'ing on college walk 1-2, spicy special at 2, wavves at 3, curren$y at 4:15, big gigantic at 5:30! HOLLAAAAA

  2. Anonymous  

    ps: so excited!

  3. lol

    No IDs required bc no one is going

    • We really are  

      a bunch of snobby hipsters, I love it! 2012 I am proud of our class and our cynicism.

      • Actually  

        Hipsters would be if there was a mainstream band playing and we all didn't want to go because it was too mainstream. Instead it's a random band nobody has heard of, and nobody wants to go because they've never heard of them. So it's really the opposite of hipsters. Cynicism, yes, that would be accurate.

        p.s. There's a picture in my CAPTCHA. Of a wall with blinds, an electrical outlet and the side of a stair banister. Why??

    • Anonymous  

      So true. I mean, let's be real, no IDs necessary means that the people in change know EXACTLY how disinterested we all are in this.

  4. Anonymous  

    Wait. So the show ends at 6pm, but Big Gigantic starts at 6:30

  5. Anonymous  

    What is the spicy special show?

  6. KL  

    Why do the WHOREmones become so active during the bacchanal, crazy bitches r all over the campus.

    • Anonymous  

      because these are the scummy fucking Greek members who are usually stuck in a loop between 114th, 113th, and Mel's. I swear to God, I never see these people on campus or in class, except for this day of the year.

      Or maybe they're all poli sci/econ.

  7. ...  

    lolz white people...

  8. Anonymous  

    you blew it

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