See you here. At 2.

From Chewbacchanal to Abacchalypse to Barkanal, some of us have seen many a Bacchanal come and go. But for those who haven’t—or for those whose memories of said festivities are suspiciously “blank”—here’s a little refresher course in what to expect.

When and Where

  • Today. Duh.
  • The performances start at 2 pm, and will go ’til about 6 pm
  • Low steps (this place)

The Lineup

  • The sets are slated to be about an hour each, with some delays in between
  • The order is roughly this: Spicy Special (2-3 pm), Wavves (3-4 pm), Curren$y (4:15-5:15 pm), and then Big Gigantic (6:305:30-?? pm)

Will they be carding?

  • While in some past years, Columbia IDs have been required for admittance, a Bacchanal organizer has confirmed to Bwog that they’re not necessary today

The Elusive “Food, Drank, and Other” Section

Don’t forget to tip!

  • You’re bound to hear and see ridiculous stuffs all day long—throw us a bone at