Behind The Scenes Of The 118th Varsity Show

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In preparation for the release of their first trailer, Bwog’s Art Editor Extraordinaire sat down with the cast and production team of V Show 118 to get a little more intimate. A transcript of what ensued follows. This year’s show runs from 4/27 to 4/29, and tickets are on sale at the TIC.

Bwog: How many hours a week do you guys rehearse?

Sean Walsh (CC’14): A hundred!

[Following a bit of general cacophony we had some of the producers do the calculations which came to around 30 hours a week.]

Bwog: Will “Call Me Maybe” be the curtain call music?

Solomon Hoffman (CC’14): NO.

Bwog: How much influence do you guys have over the script?

Rebekah Lowin (CC’14): We get to say it.

Bwog: What are your greatest memories of the show?

Gray Henry (CC’14): Getting pied in the face.

Devin Llyod (CC’15): Being drunk.

Sean: I don’t believe in memories, that’s why I drink.

Bwog: So, is it true you guys picture the audience in their underwear, and if so what does Bwog look like?

Sean: I picture myself in my underwear.

Devin: It would be all blue and white.

Bwog: Have you guys slept together yet?

Eleanor Bray (BC’14): Oh yeah.

Rebekah: We’re going to Titanic 3D together, so…

Bwog: Now it’s time for cast superlatives.

Best hair?

Everyone: Alessio!

[Alessio Mineo (CC’14) lets down his flowing locks to demonstrate.]

Best body?

Everyone: … Alessio

Most likely to be found passed out on low steps?

Eleanor: Patrick.

Most likely to get lost in the stacks?

Jenny Singer (BC’15): I mean I was seven minutes late today

Devin: They bribe us with stickers to make sure we’re on time!

Bwog: Would you guys do it again?

Alessio: We’re in contract negotiations.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Jesus. The VShow just thinks they are God's gift to Columbia.

    and I say that having enjoyed the show for a few years..

    • this

      I like it too, but they seem to believe that anybody who says one bad thing about them are anti-happiness at columbia. then they bring their downvote brigades to bwog comments.

    • CC13  

      What in this interview gives you that impression? I'm not an avid varsity show enthusiast but I don't really get that vibe from this at all...it was bwog's choice to run this story, not the varsity show's (I'm assuming?)

      • Anonymous  

        You're probably right. It was Bwog's choice for the VShow to make a video in which they aren't funny and rip off bits from the "Shit Columbians Say" video, and Bwog coerced the Vshow into giving dumb answers to softball questions.

        if they just took themselves less seriously then people wouldn't be so harsh.

        • Anonymous  

          i saw the varsity show last year and none of those people seemed to take themselves very seriously at all. i dont understand why silly stuff like this brings out the worst in people. it's a big event and im sure it takes a lot of work...it'd probably be a shittier show if people behind the scenes didn't take it seriously.

  2. anon  

    are the tickets sold out yet??

  3. I have ADD  

    How long is the whole show?

  4. WE WANT  


  5. Anonymous

    I died laughing at before Columbia, after Columbia.

  6. Anonymous  

    dumb dumb dumb questions. why not ask them about the show or the process or auditioning or something. sigh sigh sigh.

    • Anonymous  

      Eh. You'd complain about that too, that it was too "theater-y". Varsity Show team is trying to show that they don't take themselves as seriously as everyone rags on them for doing.

  7. Anonymous  

    idk i thought the vid was cute

  8. Hari  


  9. Anonymous  

    im so excited to see it!!!

  10. Anonymous  

    not gonna lie ive probs watched this video 50 times...

  11. Anonymous  

    why would SigEp agree to negative publicity? nice job..

  12. Charlie

    SO.FUNNY! Can't wait to see all your hard work!!!

  13. Anonymous

    the meme for rebekah lowin should have been DAT ASS.
    that is quite the strut

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