In preparation for the release of their first trailer, Bwog’s Art Editor Extraordinaire sat down with the cast and production team of V Show 118 to get a little more intimate. A transcript of what ensued follows. This year’s show runs from 4/27 to 4/29, and tickets are on sale at the TIC.

Bwog: How many hours a week do you guys rehearse?

Sean Walsh (CC’14): A hundred!

[Following a bit of general cacophony we had some of the producers do the calculations which came to around 30 hours a week.]

Bwog: Will “Call Me Maybe” be the curtain call music?

Solomon Hoffman (CC’14): NO.

Bwog: How much influence do you guys have over the script?

Rebekah Lowin (CC’14): We get to say it.

Bwog: What are your greatest memories of the show?

Gray Henry (CC’14): Getting pied in the face.

Devin Llyod (CC’15): Being drunk.

Sean: I don’t believe in memories, that’s why I drink.

Bwog: So, is it true you guys picture the audience in their underwear, and if so what does Bwog look like?

Sean: I picture myself in my underwear.

Devin: It would be all blue and white.

Bwog: Have you guys slept together yet?

Eleanor Bray (BC’14): Oh yeah.

Rebekah: We’re going to Titanic 3D together, so…

Bwog: Now it’s time for cast superlatives.

Best hair?

Everyone: Alessio!

[Alessio Mineo (CC’14) lets down his flowing locks to demonstrate.]

Best body?

Everyone: … Alessio

Most likely to be found passed out on low steps?

Eleanor: Patrick.

Most likely to get lost in the stacks?

Jenny Singer (BC’15): I mean I was seven minutes late today

Devin: They bribe us with stickers to make sure we’re on time!

Bwog: Would you guys do it again?

Alessio: We’re in contract negotiations.