It seems like just yesterday that Bwog was announcing the launch of the Core Scholars program, in which overachievers like us submit creative works inspired by Core texts to win fame and glory. Well, as some core author might have said, time flies when you’re having fun. Ladies and gentlemen, your winners:

Anneke Solomon, Columbia College, Class of 2015 – “Departure-in Four Parts”, essay
Gabriela Pelsinger, Columbia College, Class of 2015 – “Ode to Eve”, spoken word poetry
Marian Guerra, Columbia College, Class of 2014 – “The Ecstasy of Sonya”, painting
Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Columbia College, Class of 2012 – “Triptych for Ovid”, triptych

Lesley Thulin, Columbia College, Class of 2014 – “In Flux”, sculpture
Raphael Peterson, General Studies, Class of 2012 – “Ascent”, original composition

They’ll be honored by Deantini at a reception next week. A few samples after the jump.

crime and punishment

Marian Guerra’s “The Ecstasy of Sonya” inspired by Crime and Punishment


stone sculpture

Lesley Thulin’s “In Flux” inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Gabriela Pelsinger’s “Ode to Eve” inspired by the Book of Genesis.