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Dean Awn Announces GS Class Day Travel Fund

Apparently in response to outrage over the rescheduling of GS Class Day, Dean Awn sent out an email late this afternoon announcing a “modest fund” that will attempt to relieve those families “most significantly affected” by costs incurred from late changes to travel/lodging arrangements.

Dean Awn saving the day

Awn’s email is posted in full below.

Dear Graduates,

Together with President Bollinger and Barnard President Debora Spar, I have established a modest fund to help graduating seniors manage the additional travel expenses incurred due to the change of date for GS Class Day.

If you would like to be considered to receive such funds, please submit the following to by Friday April 30, 2012 at 12 noon.

  • Graduate’s first name, last name, and CUID number (Example: C123456789)
  • A written letter of appeal that describes why this change will either prevent your family from attending GS Class Day or create an excessive financial hardship.
  • Number of people affected and relation to graduate
  • Documentation of original expenses and new expenses projected or incurred (airline or train change-fees) will eventually have to be provided. If documentation is already available, please forward a copy with your request.

Because funding is limited, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to help the families most significantly affected.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience this late but unavoidable change has caused. We at GS are working hard to make 2012 Class Day the memorable event you deserve.

Please consult for updates regarding travel tips, hotel accommodations, and everything you need to know regarding graduation week.


Peter J. Awn


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  • GS 2012 says:

    @GS 2012 See “NY1 News Story on GS Class Day Disruption” on Youtube.

    Cameras and reporters came to campus Tuesday night to interview students and attend the GS Student Council Meeting. And to let NYC know what’s been going down uptown.

  • Jessica Durdock says:

    @Jessica Durdock NY1 News Segment on GS Class Day Disruption…

    Sorry the quality is so bad. It was recorded on a phone.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous April 30th is not Friday stupid

  • jeez louise guys stop says:

    @jeez louise guys stop this may be the least they can do, but they’re doing it! be happy!

  • Wait... says:

    @Wait... Isn’t April 30th a Monday??

  • WHY says:

    @WHY isn’t Barnard paying for this??? it’s their fault, essentially, after all…let’s show some support between the separate-but-equal undergraduate institutions, eh?

    1. Please says:

      @Please learn to read. “Together with President Bollinger and Barnard President Debora Spar, I have established”

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous shut up shut up shut STFU GOD STFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Obsession is not just a perfume

    4. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous We, the true misogynists who are actually trying to be serious about it, condemn this comment against Barnard. It is too SILLY and is thoroughly undermining our cause! Why don’t you go home and hate yourself instead, you cumfart, so we can have a serious discussion here.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Maybe when you all graduate from GS you will contribute money to GS so that future generations have an easier time than you did. This is how it is done. Not by complaining, but by donating money to funds for GS financial aid and other GS purposes. This is how CC did it. The students at CC get generous financial aid packages because CC alums have donated money to CC for this purpose. Where else do you think all the money comes from? GS alums need to do the same thing. Maybe, in the future, GS will be even richer than CC. This is something we should all do!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Maybe you donate because you want to give back to a school that has invested in you, a school that doesn’t nickel and dime you at every point, a school that doesn’t treat you with disrespect, and a school that doesn’t throw you to the wind after you step foot on campus.

      Let’s be real. By your logic, the students who have the worst experiences should be the ones who donate the most. However, when I get terrible service at the MVA, my first thought isn’t how to increase taxes to pay for better service. Rather, it’s how to leave this place as soon as possible and pray that I don’t have to come back.

      1. To Anom says:

        @To Anom Than don’t expect future GS students to have a better experience. CC is the way it is because past generations gave to CC so that the students today have all that they have. And, this tradition will continue at CC and CC will get better and better!

  • What do you call says:

    @What do you call a graduation ceremony that only wealthy parents can go to?

    Upper Class Day!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I get plenty of money from GS.

    After only a year, I only owe the school $5000… and that will be paid off before the summer is over.

    I feel bad that we get shafted, but I don’t think constantly whining about cash like GS has a Mr. Moneybags is the right way to go.

    It is a MERIT scholarship after all. Maybe some people don’t just have as much… um, nevermind.

    1. oui, mais non sequitor says:

      @oui, mais non sequitor I call Boll-shit. Don’t get Boll-imic with your inferences.

      There’s a lot of Boll-derdash being spoken but let’s get things clear: we and our families are being Boll-ied for expediency’s sake. A “modest fund” has been started to make up for this Boll-ocks , but if you’re not one of the fortunate financially sound meritocrat types, you have good reason to be skeptical. Taking care of all the families affected this late is an organizational nightmare. We should rightfully feel dubious and indignant.

      My fingers are crossed that the damage-control is 100% effective.

      Ok enough of this Boll-ogna.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous This is really the least they could do. GS, I’m sorry you guys have to deal with this. I’m a CC student who wants to thank all of you for making Columbia interesting. Everyone else kind of bores me.

    1. You were doing so well says:

      @You were doing so well with your nice supportive note until you decided to go all egocentric at the end. What a shame.

  • Dean Awn for Provost says:

    @Dean Awn for Provost If this doesn’t show that Dean Awn should be the Provost.

  • victory says:

    @victory victory for bwog commenters!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Dean Awn forgot to add that the fund will be structured like financial aid. Students should expect a $20 Amazon gift certificate in 5-8 weeks.

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