Moving On

Sean Zimmermann reports from the final ESC meeting of the year.

The ESC passed a resolution to limit sophomores from mixed-point groups, who drop down into general selection, from picking into Furnald. This year, no sophomores who were not in a mixed-point group were able to choose into Furnald. The discussions focused only on Furnald (which is limited to freshmen and sophomores); the sophomores would still be able to pick into other non-Furnald rooms.

The council also passed another housing resolution that would only allow only-sophomore groups to form even-number groups. The idea behind this is to prevent a 5th or 7th student from being left out during sophomore pair up. Sophomore groups would be able to place into odd-numbered suites (like 7-person Clairmont suites), and the remaining unfilled spots in the suite would be filled by housing.

The council then transitioned to the newly elected council, led by new President Tim Qin. They introduced themselves to Dean Peña Mora, who arrived after the transition, where he spoken with the council about the new Res Inc. Program. The Dean also spoke about building a support framework to allow student engineering organizations to receive emergency funding to attend national competitions and conferences.

Besides being the final ESC meeting of the year, it will likely be the final ESC meeting I report on (I’m a senior, and though I will be returning as a graduate student, there will likely be a new reporter assigned for next year). It has been a pleasure being your ESC reporter these last 4 years. Thank you everyone.

Best Regards,
Sean Zimmermann

The road ahead via Wikimedia Commons