You wish you had an all-seeing eye on your chest

The results from the General Studies Student Council elections have just come in; unlike your breakfast this morning, some balance has been achieved between indulgence and foresight:

Student Body President:

Jennifer Wisdom 51%
Scott Bacon 35%
Eugene Dinescu 9%

Vice President of Policy:

Nikki Morgan 50%
Alexandra Leighton 26%

Chief Policy Representative

Alexandra Leighton, per instant run off from the Vice President of Policy race.

University Senator:

Justin Nathaniel Carter 22%
Adam Gentle 19%
Phineas Lunger 16%
Amna Pervez 14%
Nathalie Monina Nino 12%
*Percentages reflect the total votes cast in the election, not votes cast in each individual race.

Spring appointments for the 2012-2013 GSSC will be conducted for the following positions: Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Events, Vice President of Communications, Chief Finance Representative, Chief Events Representative, Chief Communications Representative, Senior Class President, Senior Class Vice President, International Students Representative, Veteran Students Representative, JTS Students Representative, Working Students Representative, Alumni Affairs Representative, Four Council Representative, and Social Chair. All other positions will be filled at the beginning of Fall 2012. More information about the Spring application and interview process will be made available in the coming week.

“Wisdom” via Wikimedia Commons