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Bwoglines: Race to the Bottom Edition

Don't believe the hype: First is not the worst, kids.

Though President Obama’s “Race to the Top” is a program designed for public schools in America to become more innovative and challenging, according to some Columbia professors, Barry’s old writings prove that he wasn’t the biggest over-achiever himself. He also fell into the trap of falling in love with a girl who smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes and Bailey’s straight from the botte. Obama: he’s just like us! (NY Mag, Vanity Fair)

Newt Gingrich may have dropped out of the presidential race for the second time already, but he still could be everyone’s favorite SciFi character. (Fox)

Some cities try to add interesting landmarks or jazz clubs to attract tourists. Other urban areas have figured out that all they need to do is stink.  (The Atlantic)

Seniors, it looks like consumers may have answered the oral sex vs. cheese question. Race ya to Westside. (Consumerist).

Recipe writers need to face the facts. Caramelizing onions takes a lot longer than they’ve promised us. (Slate)

Still winning via Wikimedia Commons


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  • white and nerdy says:

    @white and nerdy The only question I ever thought was hard
    Was “Do I like Kirk, or do I like Picard?”

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