Bwog's iPhone pictures don't do the ceremony justice. Send in your pictures and we'll publish them as a gallery.

A day early and a couple guests short, GS Class Day took place earlier this fine spring day. Light jazz sparkled around Low Plaza as a surprisingly posh audience gathered to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2012. Graduates descended from Low to the tune of “Down by the Riverside” played by a small dixie band.

“They are predicting a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow…” remarked President Bollinger, as he took the podium after Dean Awn’s introduction. PrezBo’s subtle note both admits to the greater emphasis placed on tomorrow’s presidential proceedings, and acknowledges the stormy climate of inter-school politics that enveloped campus for much of the spring semester.

Full list of speakers:

Introductory Remarks: Peter Awn, Dean of the School of General Studies

Opening Remarks: Lee C. Bollinger, President

Welcome: General George W. Casey, Retired U.S. Army Chief of Staff

Class Day Address: Thomas Reardon, GS ’08

Salutatory Address: Aliza Kathryn Minogue-Nachison, BA in Art History

Alumni Key Award: Peter Awn and Elaine Bernstein, GS ’72

Presentation of Graduates: Scott Halvorson, Dean of Students

Valedictory Address: Maxwell Bertolero, BA in Psychology and Philosophy

Closing Remarks: Peter Awn

 Dean Awn via Columbia Commencement Week