Bwog heard rumors that Dining was revamping JJ’s Place for fall 2012, so we contacted Victoria Dunn, Executive Director of Columbia Dining. Details, below.

Menu Changes

According to Vicki, “the idea with the menu revamp is to keep the JJ’s favorites, but introduce a new line of healthier options, including a brand-new salad bar with composed salads and a Jamba Juice Express. The menu will also include new items like Rancheros, Thaic hicken panini’s, and different flavored wings.” For the carnivorous among you, “The Dining Advisory team told us that they really wanted a larger, thicker burger.  We chose a porterhouse/sirloin blend with lots of seasoning. We also have a ton of toppings, so you can create your own burger  We taste-tested them with Dining Advisory team last week and they loved them.”

Venue Changes

The old German ratskeller aesthetic will remain—says Vicki, “We will be keeping the heart of JJ’s, but adding some light and comfort seating to the space. Renovations will be complete for the fall, “depending on construction.”

Why the redesign? “We needed to make some egress and access updates to the facility, so we took the opportunity to improve the program at the same time.”


Apparently, “JJ’s will no longer just be a nighttime destination—we will be extending hours during the daytime, and adding Sunday and Monday hours next year.”

The Takeaway

“The reaction we received from students about the new design and menu has been really positive, so we’re looking forward having the space filled with students enjoying good food.”