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Administration Sacks @deantini

The Twitter account, that is. We received word yesterday that the @deantini Twitter has been suspended. Turns out the as-yet-unknown creator didn’t put up the white flag after being unveiled by both Columbia College and the dean himself (see below). His resistance caused a “fair amount of confusion” according to Amanda Lang from CC’s Office of Communications, however, the dean “didn’t dislike being parodied on Twitter” (what a great guy, am I right?). Fortunately, no back alley, internet conspiracy means of account deletion had to be taken: the office simply “asked Twitter to remove it,” and they did. Don’t expect that this means the end of Deantini’s presence in the Twittersphere, however. The office “would consider using @deantini in the future.” Initiate phase three of internet outreach.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It wasnt high comedy, but it was clearly fake…

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous let’s be real, it wasn’t about that.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous dean valentini is crafting a narrative of “I’m a good guy, I’m on on your side,” through chocolate and blogs and dopey smiles. One kid tries to dis-articulate that narrative, and the university silences her. LEE_BOLLINGER probably only exists because it’s not a secret that PrezBo is an asshole

        1. preach it sister says:

          @preach it sister amen

  • Bwog, says:

    @Bwog, when are you announcing PBK??

    1. cc'12 says:

      @cc'12 bahahahahahaha

      (laughs devolve into cries, crawls into jobless hole)
      Work hard, they said; do what you love, they said…

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous when did they say do what you love?

        i just remember them saying that you’ll get a job as an engineering major

        1. SEAS'12 says:

          @SEAS'12 False. Still unemployed, 150+ applications later…

  • The Bar Manifesto says:

    @The Bar Manifesto I am rejected by women at bars far too often. Maybe it’s because I lack the frat-boy mentality that women find so alluring or maybe it’s because of my intimidatingly good looks. I prefer to think it’s the latter.

    And just like many other Columbia boys, I really do have everything going for me – smarts, looks, money, manners, a well-paid internship at a top-firm and a bright future. Although it is not my intention to imply that I am therefore entitled to the attention of pretty women, I definitely find it frustrating when I am shot down by women who, all factors considered, should really be approaching me.. And in my stead, a hulkish, 6’3″ glob of creatine and cheap beer, outfitted with a lacrosse pinney, plastic wayfarers, backwards mesh cap and associates degree, will invariably usher the stumbling makeup-caked, zoomba-toned, bleached blonde in 6″ stilletos into the nearest taxi.

    What infuriates me even further is the very next morning, women will complain how they invariably end-up sleeping with ‘losers’ after awaking aside a snoring, overgrown child with pit-stains dampening his wrinkled wife-beater.
    And I will have no sympathy.

    Although women seem to be entirely devoid of rationality in their teens and early 20’s, I’ve heard that the roles soon and abrupty reverse – When women’s biological clocks start ticking at around 30, pretty women, who were formerly art-history or english majors working at non-profits & NGOs, realize that their menial paychecks cannot buoy their larger-than-life extravagancies. Living above their means, these women then huddle in bars in a desperate attempt to seek out professionals to soothe their financial woes. In a matter of five years, the tables turn on the women who were once far too picky but now are now desperate to settle with just about
    anyone with a salary and a pulse.

    I do not want to be reduced to merely a pawn in a parasitic, disingenuous suitor’s plan to strike it rich. And at the same time, I do not wish to abnegate my integrity and conform to the douchey status-quo championed
    by slightly-racist, boat-shoe wearing, dopey frat boys. Clearly, the vicious barroom pandemic is to unfavorable to all parties involved.

    So, how can we avoid this seemingly incurable dilemma?

    Ladies (and men) of bwog, what I propose is a holy crusade
    to renounce douchebaggery in favor of virtue, to supplant inauthenticity with transparency and to oversex the underappreciated. It is time we raise the ‘bar’
    on our standards of etiquette in the dating sphere. Then, we can engender a new,
    more efficient era of dating, devoid of 1-calorie packs and muscle-milk,
    binge-drinking bimbos and butt-slapping bros, and sorority squatting and
    bicep flexing.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous didn’t read LOL

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous you try the gym?

    3. Yo bro says:

      @Yo bro Heres what you do:
      1. Delete facebook
      2. Hit the gym
      3. Lawyer up

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Facebook shawty would take objection to that statement

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous You know why those men are so successful with women? They give them what they want. No one thinks virtue is sexy.

    1. really? says:

      @really? because i stopped hooking up with guys because most of them have no virtue at all. this clown doesn’t have virtue, though; he has arrogance and entitlement. that is why, even though so many columbia guys have “everything going for them”, i find them unattractive. substitute that arrogance for some confidence and, i don’t know, genuine kindness? i’d be interested in talking to that guy.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous you say this now, but you invariably lie

      2. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous First, if you think that rambling disquisition is arrogant you don’t have much experience with men. Entitled? He’s just being honest about what he sees in the world and himself.

        So you’re now living like a monk. Good luck with that. I don’t think you’re lying. I think what you want and what you want to want are very different things.

        1. Dear Anonymous Supporter says:

          @Dear Anonymous Supporter The fact that you have the candor and courage to realize that “he’s just being honest about what he sees in the world and himself” is refreshing to me. I wrote the unapologetically frank diatribe not with the intention of perpetuating how I wish to view the world, but with the intention of addressing how the world really operates.

          The girl who “stopped hooking up with guys because most of them have no virtue at all” has deluded herself to the point where she has internalized her lies. (And ironically, her unabashed ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude reeks of the entitlement she so readily flings on me). Her attitude is certainly not a rare occurrence either – honing up to our inner primal, sex-fueled nature and reconciling it with our own facade of civility is no easy task.

          As Freud would argue, such a behavior is prone to a faltering super-ego that is dangerously close to caving into the id. Personally, however, I no longer wish to coax my own doubts about the blunt reality of the “human mating ritual.” The responses to my rant have jaded me – and rightfully so.

          The sad truth is that our inert predisposition for sating our animalistic drives is reinforced by millions of years of evolution. Willful civility and virtue are not as deeply-seated than the base psychology of sex. The brutally honest commenter who stated “no one thinks virtue is sexy” hit the nail on the head. Guess I’m joining SAE.

  • humph! says:

    @humph! at least this was better than the way my conservative parents sacked my sister’s asian boyfriend for being asian lol. they went in and ruined the relationship but making it look like it wasnt them.


    1. yo, that's a says:

      @yo, that's a cool story bro

      1. yeah says:

        @yeah tell it again

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 17 likes in 14 hours? Pretty weak, Deantini’s social network is more Bwog hype than anything else. Where’s the range? Its all about the mb’s yo, upload rate X bandwidth usage= mindspace

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I AM SPARTACUS

  • Yes says:

    @Yes “No tweets from me. Ignore all.” Does anyone else find Dean Valentini’s syntactical style here oddly perplexing yet appealing?

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