Update: As of 6/18, the account no longer exists.

Update: We’ve received official word that it’s definitely not the real Deantini.

As of yesterday, “James J. Valentini,” or simply @deantini, infiltrated the Twittersphere. Now this can mean two things: Either Deantini has tried to expand his “hip” social media presence even further, or there is a new addition to Columbia’s fake Twitter scene. With a Tweet poking fun at the dean’s attempts to engage with students, and a lame joke in which Deantini tries to change his name to James Dean Valentini, it surely seems like the latter is the case. So far, he has 70 followers and has followed most of the Bwog and Spec staff. It even looks like he’s made friends with Dean Awnsome of GS:

 And somewhat supports Kevsho’s outreach efforts to the Class of 2012:

Yet his relations with (fake) Prezbo have been hostile, calling the man out on his hair. Could this be the inklings of a celebrity Twitter war, Columbia style?