Update, 7/25: Some people, mostly juniors, have gotten off the waitlist. If you’re one of the lucky ones (or one of the unlucky ones who still have no idea where you’ll be living in 2 months) let us know in the comments.

Don’t panic! All through the summer, we’ll continue to answer your housing questions. Just send them along to housing@bwog.com.

Q: Hello Bwog, I’m a sophomore and (because of my poor lottery number) I was waitlisted. Do you happen to know when I will find out my housing for the fall?

A: Housing says only that “a Sophomore Wait List will be created, and students on this list will be contacted over the summer with their housing assignments for the following year.”

Fortunately (or not), Bwog has some personal experience with the horrors of the waitlist. An unlucky staffer reports that when he was waitlisted last year, he did not find out his room assignment until August 19th, a mere 10 days before he was due to move into his new dorm.

It’s possible that you’ll find out your assignment earlier in August or even (if you’re really lucky) in July, but be prepared—it could be a long wait.