In Chicago, it’s usually the students who skip class, but now the teachers are on strike. (Chicago Tribune)

Journals tend to publish well-written and well-thought out pieces, but the Morningside Review is planning to publish UWriting essays. (Spec)

Employees (especially young ones) are generally warned not to be full of themselves, but a new Columbia study says bragging may be the best way to get ahead. (WSJ, Cosmo)

Many young women (and CEOs of Yahoo) are reluctant to identify as feminists, but Julie Zeilinger, BC ’15, published a book explaining “why feminism isn’t a dirty word.” (Daily Beast, Poynter, Amazon, Spec)

Universities usually charge exorbitant tuition to attend classes, but Stanford is giving away 16 courses for free. (Columbia, Stanford)

#slatepitches via Wikimedia Commons