But this time, we’re tied with UChicago, that other college with a core curriculum. Harvard and Princeton are tied for 1st, Yale takes 3rd, and 6th is split between MIT and Stanford. Penn has dropped to 8th; remember when we languished there while they took 4th?

Barnard, meanwhile, is back to 28th in the Liberal Arts Colleges division, after bizarrely slipping to 33rd last year. (Barnard is the most selective women’s college, but it’s not the highest-ranked. This year, sisters Wellesley, Smith, Bryn Mawr, and Mt. Holyoke ranked 6th, 18th, 26th, and 32nd, respectively.)

Here are the top 25 national universities:

1. Harvard
1. Princeton
3. Yale
4. Columbia
4. UChicago
6. MIT
6. Stanford
8. Duke
8. Penn
10. Caltech
10. Dartmouth
12. Northwestern
13. Johns Hopkins
14. Washington University in St. Louis
15. Brown
15. Cornell
17. Rice
17. Notre Dame
17. Vanderbilt
20. Emory
21. Georgetown
21. UC-Berkeley
23. Carnegie Mellon
24. UCLA
24. USC