Update, 2 pm: Columbia has also canceled classes tomorrow. Five day weekend!

In light of the continued effects of Hurricane Sandy, the University is cancelling classes and events at all campuses on Tuesday (10/30/2012).

Barnard recently (as of 12:30 this afternoon) updated its homepage, appropriately subtly given the occasion, to announce that, along with NYU, it will extend its closure through tomorrow, October 30th. According to its homepage, which includes a hyperlink in case you aren’t sure what webpage you’re on:

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Barnard College classes and events are cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, October 29th and 30th.

All non-essential offices will be closed. Please be advised that because of the severity of the storm, college operations may be impacted and certain entrances to campus may be closed. The main entrance at 117th Street and Broadway will reamin open. For further updates, check the homepage of the Barnard website, www.barnard.edu, phone 212-854-5262 or tune into the AM radio station, 1010WINS.

The East side of Broadway, however, is still deciding. According to its most recent update on Sandy (#sandy4):

The status of  classes and operations for Tuesday (10/30) is now being evaluated in light of State and City decision-making about transit and other essential services. We encourage you to check back here for updates Monday afternoon.