We know as much actual science as this guy.

Columbia alumnus Alvin Roth (SEAS ’71) is one of the two winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics along with Lloyd S. Shapley. They won the award for their work in matching theory, which supposedly enables better college admissions and better organ donation systems. Congratulations! (Washington Post)

A new study says that pot is no worse than junk food. Which means that it’ll probably eventually be legalized around here, but only in packs as large as 16 oz. (BBC News)

The tiniest solar system was discovered, in the sense that it has the most planets in the smallest area. Could this be the land of the gnomes/the place in Gulliver’s Travels/Danny Devito’s home planet? (Mashable)

 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host next year’s Emmys Golden Globes, after three years of complaints about Ricky Gervais’ habitually controversial jokes…but will they get any more appropriate now? (The Guardian)

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