His Earth-moving skill puts Atlas to shame

After almost two decades of service, the space shuttle Endeavour will be maneuvered through the streets of LA to its final resting place, California Science Center. Then it hits you. Just like Furbies and VHS tapes, Endeavour will be  another relic of our times to future generations. (LA Times)

Your late-night cravings for Ferrero Rocher and Ghirardelli may not be so bad after all. A recent tongue-in-cheek study has shown that chocolate consumption in a country has been directly correlated with the number of Nobel Prizes won. To hell with moderation; Bwog recommends you raid the hot chocolate machines in Ferris every morning. (NPR)

The MTA is now reaching its metaphorical hands deeper into your pockets. A round-trip on the subway will still cost you $4.50. However, weekly and monthly Metrocard prices will skyrocket. Adding insult to injury, the original 7% bonus for buying a $10+ Metrocard will be reduced to 5%. (New York Times)

A new survey has concluded that the Apple Maps issue had no effect on sales of the iPhone 5, contrary to analyst predictions. Bwog would like to infer that strict adherers of Apple Maps would not have been able to report from their humble abodes at the bottom of East River due to lack of Wifi coverage. (CNN)

Finally, Bwog would like to brighten up your day with the Waiting in Line theory. (Imgur)

The ever so brilliant via Wikimedia Commons