Ah youth and the manifold reasons for laughter and joy it brings.

The fact that a recent study deemed laughter a form of exercise is no laughing matter in that this means never having to step foot in Dodge again. And of course by “again” we mean, where is Dodge exactly? (NYT)

Hurricane Sandy is anything but humerous, even if it does make for great puns. (NPR, MSN)

A new theory suggests that the moon was initially a part of the Earth. A title change for the children’s classic Goodnight Moon to Good Night Celestial Body That Spun Off the Earth is rumored. (Washington Post)

Meat Loaf officially endorses Mitt Romney. He would do anything for love, or for the GOP to win. (Huffington Post)


Girl on the left is actually what happens to you after being in Butler for seven plus hours via Wikimedia Commons