tightening belts...get it?

Cartoon by Jamila Barra, BC’13

As previously reported, UAW Local 2110, which includes workers on staff at Barnard, has a major beef about proposed changes to their contracts.  Tonight at 7:30 in the Ella Weed Room (room 223) in Milbank, the newly-formed “Students Support Barnard Workers” group will be holding their first event, Teach-in: Student-Worker Solidarity at Barnard.  The president of UAW Local 2110, in addition to various workers, will be speaking to explain what’s going on, where they now stand, and what students can do to help.  There will be free pizza.

On the other side of things, administration from Barnard will be hosting Barnard Speaks Out: A Town Hall; Cultivating Better Collaboration Between Students and Administrators tomorrow from 6 to 8 pm in the Diana Center Event Oval.  With everything happening at the school, there is bound to be discussion on the workers and/or housing situation.  In attendance will be: Abigail Lewis, Associate Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies, Annie Aversa, Dean for Campus and Residential Life; Avis Hinkson, Dean of the College; Joanne Kwong, Vice President for Communications and Counsel to the President; Joyce Lewandowski, Director of Orientation and Activities, Student Life.  There will be free dinner (not specified if it’s fancier than pizza).

Visualized wordplay via Jamila and Students Support Barnard Workers