out in the sugar shack

The beginnings of maple syrup life

Go support local farmers and fend off scurvy at the Columbia Greenmarket, on Broadway between 114th and 116th every Thursday and Sunday. The market accepts credit, debit, and EBT. This week’s highlights:

  • On Sundays ONLY, the market collects food scraps for compost from 8am to 1pm, and textiles for recycling from 8am to 3pm.
  •  Come out this Sunday to welcome our new maple syrup producer, Wallings Maple. Drizzle this sweet stuff on all of the new fall produce, from sweet potatoes to winter squash to brussel sprouts!
  •  UPCOMING Sunday, October 14th, starting at 12 pm: The We-Can’t-Let-Go-of-Summer Clambake. The harvest moon has waxed and waned, but we can still hope for an Indian summer. Let’s resolve our ambiguous feelings towards autumn’s arrival over a steaming bowl of Pura Vida shellfish and market-fresh veggies.

Tapped sap via Wikimedia Commons