An impending sense of doom among parents as Sandy approaches

As Hurricane Sandy continues brewing, so do the fears of our concerned parents. What better way for those who love us to communicate their anxieties than via text? So, in the spirit of, Bwog wants to know what ridiculous/ominous/grammatically incorrect things your parents are texting you! Below are some texts from the Bwog staff’s parents; leave yours in the comments section!

“Close window tonite [sic]…be careful of near trees…tree limbs can fall…do not go down by riverside…flooding river.”

“Do u need me 2 bring u food. i can bring food.”

“You’re from Florida. You’re a Hurricane Veteran. This is nothing.”

“Fill your bathtub with water so you have water for the next few days.”

 Parents say the darndest things via Wikimedia Commons