Keep those vampires away

The Columbia Greenmarket is positively abuzz with activity this week. You’re going to want to drop by the information station to meet new market manager, Kelly Faust. Bwog will definitely be there, trying to make a good impression. As always debit, credit and EBT are accepted, so go check out these new arrivals:

  • A garlic/ pesto producer
  • Lavender by the Bay
  • Madura’s Mushrooms
  • Beth’s Farm kitchens’ mustards, made with organic mustard seeds
  • Cayuga Pure Organics

Also, there are only a couple of more weeks left in the season for Lani’s Farm, so stock up on greens! Bwog has also been advised of the excellence of Buone Pane’s Focaccias and Hawthorne Valley’s little chocolate cup cakes. Mmm….

Garlicky goodness via Wikimedia