Update: Spec has returned from its time off/defeated the malware, and is no longer blocked by Google Chrome. At last, your endless cycle of Top Sites surfing is complete again.

Apparently not all Columbians appreciate the ideas of “break” and “being away” and keep coming back to check campus news like addicts to an opium den.  We understand, trust us we understand, that you need your usual fix, but campus publications need breaks too!  To give themselves the ultimate excuse to take time off, our pals over at Spec have been infected by malware.  They’re working on clearing everything up, but for now you’ll have to skip their site in your BuzzFeed-Facebook-Reddit-Twitter-Bwog-Tumblr K-hole.

why didn't we think of it first?  then we wouldn't have to interrupt vaca to write this post...

Achtung, baby