With a smaller audience than they’ve seen this semester, SGA’s Rep Council met last night in the Diana Center Café for a meeting that was short and pretty sweet. Renée Kraiem’s report in honor of yesterday night’s brevity, is also pretty short. 

Something like this is available at the Diana Center right now…

To everybody who meant to apply for one of the open positions on SGA but didn’t because this week is the worst, here’s what’s probably the best news you’ll hear all week: you can still apply! Now how much better do you feel? SGA will be accepting applications on a rolling basis for the Food Advisor Board, Student Curatorial Committee, Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board, and the Student Academic Advisory Committee. SGA is also looking for co-chairs for the Committee for University Programming and the Student Health Advisory Committee, and they’re also looking for a Junior Class VP.

Luckily enough for the African Students’ Association, their application for recognition by SGA. Rep Council unanimously granted them Stage 1 recognition citing their commitment to filling a reported void on Barnard’s campus for cultural awareness of the continent.

While we’re talking about voids, let’s talk about space on Barnard’s campus. During a brainstorming session for next semester, President JungHee Hyun announced that next semester SGA would be launching a campaign to reach out to the student body to evaluate the use of space on campus in anticipation of the upcoming renovation of Lehman Hall. Apparently the latest development in usage of the lack of space on Barnard’s campus is a positive one, as Rep Council reproted overwhelmingly positive feedback on the recent beta test that opened up classrooms in the Diana Center for late-night studying. As SGA would like to gather data on where students study at Barnard, Rep Council encourages you to tweet your study space of choice to @BarnardSGA.

Oh, and hopefully you don’t get sick during finals after hours because, according to Rep. for Student Services Leah Rothstein, most students report that Barnard’s physician on call responds inappropriately frequently that students should, in almost every case, go to the emergency room. She’s working on it.

And finally, for your “so much time during finals” programming pleasure, bulleted below is a list of events coming to a campus near you in the near future:

  • This Friday the First Year Class Council is hosting a blood drive in the Diana Center Event Oval from 11-5.
  • Dancapalooza! is happening right now, if you’re looking for something to do…
  • Also happening right now, if you’re hungry, is Desserts Around the World.
  • The Board of Trustees is meeting tomorrow. You’re not invited, but you should know about it, because they’re going to be delivering feedback on their thoughts on the Lehman renovation.

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