In preparation for their final exams, several statues around Columbia and Barnard have been seen preparing themselves with style.  When asked by Bwog, they had sound reasoning for the new accessories.

The Barnard Runner, preparing for her Ancient Studies final, said that she wears the tie to remember the changing view of what a noble man, and hero, was in Greece and Persia–especially compared to the more corporate look that Western culture follows now.  

The Thinker, studying for his Philosophy final, explained that he wears the tie to imitate social constraints in thinking that need to be broken free of–if there is no constraint, he continued, nothing is there.  There is something that is nothing, nothing that is something, and now there is something.  He is still trying to understand what he means by this.

When questioned about her tie, Alma rolled her eyes: she lost a bet to PrezBo.