Sometimes we need to reflect on the state of the world.


Dung beetles apparently use the Milky Way to guide their poo-hauling journeys. Maybe they could bring some here to unclog McBain toilets? (Reuters)


Rumors that the iPad 4 is coming are already coming. Apparently the new model features a revolutionary change: a larger memory. *gasp* (CNET)


As sanctions increase, so do fears of cannibalism in North Korea. Maybe now it’s time to stop spending money on broken missiles and start um idk taking care of your people? (The Independent)

On a serious note: 233 innocent partiers were killed in a fire in a nightclub in southern Brazil. The tragedy was caused by lack of safety measures, and will probably be worsened by the lack of proper medical infrastructure. Our thoughts go to the deceased, the injured, and their families in this time of suffering.

Clean bathroom via Shutterstock